Top 5 Things that Every Big Dog Needs

So you are thinking about a big dog breed! Good on you! Big dogs are in many opinions the best type of dogs. They are loyal, trust worthy with children and generally fun to be around. Of course having the right supplies on hand is going to make life with your big baby a lot easier.

Most people know that they need food and water bowls and maybe some bedding but there are other things that are must haves when it comes to making sure your big dog is comfy all the time and happy to be a part of your family.

Read below to find the 5 things that every big dog needs to be comfortable and happy.


Every dog loves to have something to chew on (hopefully not your furniture or your shoes) but once they chew it down then that is the end of the bone and the end of their interest. There is a bone that is reusable that every big dog will love to have.

The Kong line of bones are an interesting take on the plain old bone. The Kong is a bone that is reusable, completely 100% safe for your dog and something that is part toy and part treat.

The Kong has openings for you to stash treats, part of the fun for your dog is getting the treat out of the Kong.

Many trainers and dog experts recommend the Kong for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety to help to teach the dog that when you leave they will get their toy with their treat inside and they will have something to do while you are gone.

KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy

This is also a great way to reward your dog during training sessions. The Kong solves a few different problems for the dog owner:

  1. It is a great training tool.
  2. It helps to ease your dog’s anxiety.
  3. It is reusable so it is cost savings.
  4. It is a combination toy and treat.

Every big dog owner should have a Kong on hand. They are durable and long lasting. They are also affordable so they are a really great option.

Large Dog Harness

A leash and a collar is not the best way to handle your big dog. You should have a large dog harness. Harnesses are kinder to your big dog AND they also give you more control when you are out and about for a walk.

Harnesses are especially great if you have a dog that likes to pull a little bit. Collars can cause damage to their throats and larynx. You can check out this harness which is an excellent choice and it is also quite stylish.

Large Dog Harness

A harness serves a few different purposes all that are necessary to the safety and comfort of your dog:

  1. Easy control.
  2. Safety for your dog so that they cannot break free from you.
  3. Safer for your dog’s throat and neck.
  4. Easier on your arm against the tugging of an eager dog.

If you have a large dog than you should have a harness.

A Bed

It can be hard to find a bed for a big dog but it is a necessity. A big dog needs a space all their own if you want them to stay off your furniture and off your space.

The bed should be large enough to accommodate your dog and should be located in an area away from children and other pets. Even the nicest dog can become territorial when it comes to their space.

Here is a good option for your big dog. Making your big dog comfortable will be greatly appreciated and make them feel like a more valued member of your family. Having their own bed is also a great training tool.

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Bed

A Crate

Some people are opposed to using a crate for their dog but the reality is your dog should be crate trained. First of all consider that dogs are den animals by nature so having their own crate that they can call their own is sort of supplying them with their own little nook. It offers them a place to go and feel safe.

Of course if you have to transport your dog to the vet, a crate is the safest place for them to be. If you start crate training them from early on it will be completely natural for them to seek refuge in their crate and to get in when it is time to travel.

This crate is a great option because it can fold for storage purposes. Choosing a crate should be based on your dog’s size and whether it will be a permanent fixture in the house or if it is something that you will just use to transport your dog.

Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

Grooming Tools

Big dogs need to be groomed! Consider how you would feel if you did not brush your hair for a week or two. You do not have to groom your dog everyday but you should make a good effort to groom them every 1-3 days.

Having the right tools cannot only help you to make your dog look and feel their best but can also keep down on the shedding in the house.

Dogs shed because they have excess hair that falls out but if you can keep up on the grooming than you can cut down on the shedding.

This tool is a great option for getting rid of the excess hair and keeping the shedding down to a minimum.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Grooming has a few benefits:

  1. It is a trust building exercise for your dog. As you groom they learn that you are there to take care of them.
  2. It cuts down shedding. As you groom you are removing all of the lose hairs from your dog this will greatly cut down on the amount of hair you find around the house.
  3. It helps to keep your dog’s coat healthy. When you groom using the right tools you are spreading the oils from the skin through-out their fur which can help to keep their fur healthy.
  4. They look better and it is really an enjoyable activity for them.

Circulating Water Bowl

Dogs, especially big dogs because they can reach, drink out of the toilet for one reason. The water in the toilet is fresh cool and circulated.

Yes, its gross and probably not the best place for your dog to get water. Oddly enough some big dogs refuse to drink out of any vessel other than the toilet because they water is always fresh and cool.

Of course this is not something anyone endorses. Toilets are not the best place to avoid things like bacteria and of course if you are using chemicals to clean your toilet your dog is at risk of ingesting any chemicals or chemical residue. Generally speaking it is a really bad idea.

A really good idea is a circulating pet water bowl that filters water and allows a fresh supply of water into the bowl regularly.

Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain

This works out for a few good reasons:

  1. Your dog is sure to use it, especially if he/she is a toilet water drinking kind of dog. Your dog may be turning to the toilet because you are not changing out their water enough. This device is easy to use and keeps a fresh flow of filtered water available.
  2. It is a lot easier for you. You fill it up and don’t have to worry about whether the water is fresh or not. It’s a great option for any busy dog owner.
  3. Much more sanitary. Even if your dog does not head to the toilet for a drink, water in the dogs bowl can become slimy and pretty gross after a few drinks. Your dog needs a constant supply of fresh water which can be difficult to provide if you are at work all day.
  4. Consider this do you want to just keep slurping out of the same water jug all day without ever freshening things up? Of course not neither does your dog.

All of the options that are listed above are a necessity if you have a big dog of course they are also for you. These dog supplies not only make life easier for your dog but they also make life easier for you as the owner.

Being able to take care of your dog properly comes down to the tools that you have on hand. Anything that makes life easier and more harmonious between you and your dog is a great tool and one that you should absolutely have.


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Being a fur parent is a great responsibility. Just like the two legged kids, the four legged kind need constant attention, guidance and the right equipment to take care of. Having these items on hand will make you a much better hands on pet mommy and daddy. Your big dog deserves the best!