The Most Dangerous and Toxic Foods Your Dog Should NEVER EAT!

Out of love for their dog, many people make the grave mistake of sharing what is seemingly safe foods to their dogs. Dogs can get very sick from some human foods!

Some of the foods on the list of NEVER FEED may seem completely safe, but your fur baby does not process ingredients the same way you do, so a piece of chocolate that brings you so much joy, could put your pup in the hospital!

A Word About Canine Diets

The right nutritional balance is very important to a dog’s health. Choosing foods that are specially formulated for your friend will ensure that they are getting a balanced meal at meal time.

Customising your dog’s diet can help to ensure that they are getting the best nutrition at a life stage. For example, a puppy’s diet should contain higher amounts of protein than an adult dog because they are growing rapidly and burn up the energy quickly.

Choose a high-quality dog food preparation that will provide the nourishment your dog needs to stay healthy.

Dogs need:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • A constant clean supply of water

Supplementing with treats occasionally is fine, but do avoid over doing it with the treats. Just like a child that develops a taste for sweets and then refuses healthy foods, your dog can develop a taste for treats and become a finicky eater at meal time.

Some of the most toxic things to dogs are offered as treats by their human companions out of love, but look at the list below before you decide to share the next time to avoid making your pup ill!


The Toxic Treats

Here are the most toxic human foods that can kill a dog if ingested:

Anything Containing Alcohol

While most people know that they should not give their dog a swig of their beer, there are also foods that contain alcohol that should be off limits to your pet. Giving your pet any human food that has alcohol in it can cause stomach upset, central nervous system issues, coma and even death. Even small amounts of food stuff containing alcohol should never be shared.

Foods Containing Methylxanthines

That first cup of coffee in the morning is so good, delicious dark chocolate, coffee flavored pastries and cakes are all so delicious.

A nice cold soft drink another great human delight, but they all contain a substance known as methylxanthines which humans harmless process through their kidneys none the wiser it was ever there.

Unfortunately for our four legged friends this substance can be deadly especially to small dogs.

Their bodies cannot process this compound and it can cause everything from mild stomach upset to kidney failure, coma and death.


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Citrus Fruits

A small piece of orange may bode well with your pup, but the stems, leaves and peel of any citrus fruit can cause some severe reactions that range from vomiting to central nervous system depression. It is best not to risk any citrus fruits or cleaners where your dog can get into it.


Coconut Products

Small parts of coconut products are okay in small amounts but coconut water can be deadly. The water found in coconuts is very high in potassium which can cause death in dogs. Avoid it!

Raisins and Grapes

Raisins and grapes are known to cause kidney damage/failure in dogs. While more research must be done to isolate the specific compound, right now it is best to avoid, grapes, raisins, grape juice and any products containing grapeseed oil.

Milk Products

Dogs do not digest lactose well. They are not likely to suffer long lasting damage from milk products but they will wind up with a serious belly ache and diarrhea.


Garlic, Chives and Onions

Imagine something as innocuous as garlic, chives and onions causing serious physical damage? It is true, these roots can cause damage to the red blood cells in dogs.

Raw Eggs or Uncooked Bones

It may seem instinctual to hand off a raw bone to your domesticated doggy but it may not be the best choice. Domesticated dogs have a pampered digestive system and are not as able to ward off E. coli and other infections like their wild counterparts can.

Never give your dog chicken bones or pork bones, they can be fragile and turn to splinters when chewed by your pup.

The splintered bones can get lodged in the throat and digestive tract. Raw eggs contain a substance that blocks the absorption of critical vitamin B in dogs.

Non-Food Toxins

There are other toxins that may seem like they are completely safe to your dog but they can cause illness or death.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Never ever give your dog acetaminophen, this common over the counter pain reliever/fever reducer can be deadly to your dog.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is a common houseplant, the gel from the leaves is often used to treat burns and skin conditions. It can also be found in juice form. It is toxic to dogs. Your best bet is to not keep one around the house.


Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements (vitamins) can cause kidney failure in dogs. Never give to your pet!

Cat Food

Cat food is far too high in protein for a dog to digest. A small breed can easily suffer kidney failure from eating cat food, it happens quite a bit!


Anti-Freeze has a sweet smell and taste that pets have been known to lick up. It can be highly toxic and should be stored where your fur baby cannot reach it.

Poinsettia Plants

Poinsettias are festive looking plants but the leaves contain a toxin to dogs and cats alike as do the berries. Keep them out of the house.

Laundry Detergent

If your dog grabs a hold of some laundry detergent, he/she could wind up with serious ulcers. Be sure to put all detergents up high on the shelves.

Rodent Poison

Any type of rodent poison, pesticide spray or other solution meant to kill can also be toxic to your dog in different degrees, so be sure to put it where your pet cannot get into it.

Check Before

It is always best to check a product, plant or ingredient before you give it to your dog to be on the safe side. There are so many substances that are helpful to humans but harmful to dogs!