The Best Dog Bowls for All Situations Will Make Your Dog Feel Right At Home

Making your dog a part of the family is an important step in helping to raise a well behaved dog. While dogs are pack animals they also like to have their own “things”.

Dogs thrive in environments where there are clear rules and clear boundaries. Your dog needs a few things to make them feel right at home. They need:

  • A sleeping area
  • Bowls for food and water
  • A location where they eat
  • A location where they go to the bathroom

Consider when you are raising a child. You show them where they sleep (their bed). You show them where they eat (their high chair, table). You show them what they eat out of and what tools they use to eat with.

You show them where to go to the bathroom. Dogs need the same information to successfully integrate into their human pack.

The best dog bowls will provide your dog with their special eating and drinking place, they will be sturdy and be able to hold enough food and water for your dogs breed size.


Some dog owners make the mistake of using any bowl for their dog’s food and water. It is important that they use “their” bowls so that they get the idea that while they are a part of the family they do have their own things.  Shouldn’t every member of the family have all the basics at least?

In some cases the wrong dog bowl can wind up being a headache for you and in other cases the wrong dog bowl can turn into a health concern for your dog. Choosing wisely will ensure that both you and your dog look forward to meal time every day.

The best dog bowl is safe for your dogs, safe for your floors and stays upright. It sounds like a tall order but there are actually quite a few bowls that will meet the full range of needs without breaking the budget.

We are going to review some of the dog bowl options for you so that you can choose the best option for your dog. We looked at some of the most popular options and found a few less known options. Using these reviews as your guideline will make quick work of finding the perfect dog bowls for your fur baby.

Keep in mind when you are going through the reviews that you want to choose bowls that:

  • Suit the size of your dog
  • Suit your goals (i.e.; slow down the pace that your dog is eating at)
  • Falls in line with your space availability
  • Meets your budget constraints

We looked at dog bowls that would meet a wide range of needs and wants to make your shopping experience easier. The biggest factor in choosing a dog bowl is the size of the dog that is going to be using the bowls so we set our parameters accordingly. Of course we looked only at high quality options that got great reviews, we left out the ones that were iffy or that were not functioning as promised.

We tried to find bowls that would work well in any space but if we thought they would not we mention that so you can get a really good picture of what you are considering.

It can be time consuming to go through all the offerings on your own and you certainly do not want to get stuck with bowls that will not work for you.

Our reviews make finding the perfect dog bowls so much easier!  You can save time by not having to go through all the options on your own. Take it from us, it can be time consuming.

Take a Look at What We Found!

Best Dog Water Bowl

There are three different types of dog water bowls. There are the traditional bowls that are stationary that you fill by hand. There are the automatic water bowls that gravity feed water into the bowl and finally there are electronic automatic feeders that constantly circulate and filter the water.

We recommend automatic water bowls. If you have a job that takes you away from home for long hours it is important that your pooch has access to fresh water while you are gone. We have found that the automatic dog water bowls are best because you can fill them up and not have to worry about it.

The best dog water bowl we found is the:

Automatic Dog Waterer Capacity: 10 Liters

We loved it because it holds a great deal of water and it is easy to use. You do not have to worry about an electric supply. You just fill it up and go. It is a great option because it is not too large and has an easy access bowl so it is great for all size dogs.

Automatic Dog Waterer


The price is right and it is affordable for everyone. We think this is easily one of the best waterers on the market. It comes in two sizes and has handles for easy pick up. It uses a no spill technology that ensures that the water stays in the bowl and not on the floor! This is a great choice.

We also really liked:

Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer

We liked the simple design of this automatic waterer. We also liked that it is PBA free plastic and easy to use. It is a gravity fed watering system that holds about 3 gallons of water.

Petmate Pet Cafe Pet Waterer


It is large enough for big dogs but safe enough for small dogs. It is sturdy and tip proof. It would be a great option.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain


We really liked this but realize because it is electric it may not be right for everyone. We liked the idea of constant filtered water for a dog but also realize that it may not be practical for large dogs and the fact that you have to have an electric outlet nearby may prove inconvenient for a lot of people but we are presenting it because it is a great option if you can work it out.

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Dogs can tend to eat too quickly especially if they have resource issues. Eating too quickly can cause a host of digestive issues that can really affect your dog’s health. The best way to help them slow down some is to use a dog food bowl that is designed to help your dog to slow it down a bit.

Overeating or eating too quickly most often occurs in young dogs as well. Puppies especially like to do everything fast including eating. We found 2 bowls that will help your dog slow down.

The first bowl is for small to medium sized dogs and would be great for puppies. The second bowl is geared toward larger dogs. We also included a stainless steel option as well.

We like stainless for feeding but the other two options are great options as well. It is hard to find a stainless steel option to slow down feeding because it can be difficult to model the steel into the shape that is needed AND keep it affordable.

The 3rd option may be something you may want to consider if your dog is and overzealous eater that also happens to like to chew their bowl.

Color you Puppy Dog Anti-Gulping Food Bowl Dish Slow Feeding Dish Ease Bloating for Small & Medium Pet

We choose this bowl because it has a non-slip rubber base, it is lightweight which makes it a great travel bowl and we liked the color. This bowl is designed with raised edge design to help your dog slow down while they eat or drink.

Puppy Dog Anti-Gulping Food Bowl


It can help reduce digestive upset. It is really an inexpensive solution to a very common problem. Investing a small amount of money in the right dog bowl can help you to save on vet bills.

Slow Feed Non-Skid Dog Bowl Large

This is a great option that we found for large dogs. It has non-skid rubberized feet and a really durable construction which can stand up to a big brut that likes to toss their bowl around a bit. We also liked that it was large enough to hold a good sized portion of food.

Dog Bowl


Some reviewers have said that this little investment has slowed down their dog’s consumption time by as much as three times slower. It is cheap, well made and a good choice for any large dog.

Another one of the best dog food bowl to slow down eating is the

OurPets Premium DuraPet Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Feed Dog Bowl


This bowl is stainless which we love but it may not be enough when it comes to design for a dog that is really committed to shoveling in their food too quickly. It will work well for dogs that can sometimes eat too quickly.

Best Dog Food Bowls

We looked at quite a few dog bowls and have decided that we did not like the automatic feeders. A lot of people leave dog food (kibble) out for their dogs to feed on demand. We are not big fans of feeding on demand.

We think it promotes obesity in dogs and just like humans dogs learn to eat when they are bored instead of hungry. We looked at other feeding bowls that we thought were best and came up with these two bowls.

Gpet Dog Bowl 16 Ounce

We liked this bowl (it is sold in a set of two) for little dogs. We liked the stainless construction (it comes with a lifetime guaranteed from the manufacturer).

Gpet Dog Bowl 16 Ounce


It has a rubber base so it stays firmly put and holds a full 16 ounces of food. It is a good choice for anyone with a small sized dog.

4LoveDogs Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, 32 Oz (Set of 2)

We liked these bowls for the same reason we liked the smaller versions. Stainless steel is a good choice for serving food. We always worry about plastic bowls when it comes to serving food to dogs because an overzealous eater can easily chew off a piece of the bowl.

Steel Dog Bowls


These stainless bowls are tough. They have a rubber base so they do not slide around. They have a nice large capacity so they are ideal for large dogs.

Best Elevated Dog Bowls

Most vets recommend that your dog’s bowls are elevated at a height that makes it comfortable for them to eat and that does not require that they hunch down over their bowls. Hunching over their dog bowls can cause damage to their neck, back and shoulders.

Elevated bowls are almost always used by professional show dogs to prevent that “shoulder roll” in the front. Elevated bowls are not really much more expensive than other dog bowl options and they can help to make your dog’s life more comfortable.

These types of bowls are used for larger breeds.

We found quite a few that we thought would be best. One of the things that we like about these types of feeders are that they are stylish as well as being functional.

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Stand with Two 8 Cup Rimmed Bowls, Black

We loved this set. It has a very utilitarian look to it but is highly functional. The black powder coated stand and bowls look sophisticated. It offers a durable FDA and EU compliant finish that is certified safe for your dog.

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Stand


The bowls are a generous size which makes it great for even the largest dog. The stand is hand forged wrought iron so you know that it is tough and stable. It is a great option.

PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder in Solid Wood

If wood is more your style than you will really appreciate this model. It is available in two different sizes which makes it great for either medium sized or large sized dogs.

Elevated Pet Feeder in Solid Wood


It has slip resistant feet and is crafted from New Zealand pine. It is waterproof and would look great with any décor. The bowls are stainless steel and are generous in size.

Dogit Elevated Dish

We liked this because it is a single elevated bowl which is a good option for an older dog that has joint issues. We also liked it because it came up higher than other dog bowls that we looked at.

Dogit Elevated Dish


It is a unique looking bowl and looks more like a one piece arrangement than the other options we looked at. It has a broader base than other options we reviewed as well and looks like it would be very durable.

We agreed that this is easily one of the best raised dog bowls out there.

Best Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

We already mentioned that we thought that stainless steel was the best option for dog bowls so we decided to take things one step further and find the best stainless steel dog bowls. There are different grades of stainless steel and of course different style designs that would play a role in the quality of the bowl.

We wanted to find the BEST of the best. We started our search and realized it was pretty hard to narrow down the options. There is an incredible number of stainless steel dog bowls on the market.

We found a few that could easily compete for the top spot.

Platinum Pets 10 Cup Embossed Non-Tip Stainless Steel Dog Bowl, Copper Vein

This is one of the best stainless steel dog bowls that we found. It has a nice heavy weight, a rubber nonskid base. It holds 12 cups, was powder coated and has a copper vein.

Steel Dog Bowl


We also liked the design which is embossed with little paws and bones. This is a well-made bowl that is also attractive.

ProSelect Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with Rubber Base, 6-1/2-Inch, 30-Ounce

Steel Dog Bowl


This is a nice large bowl that has a really sturdy rubber base that is skid proof. We liked the brush look of this bowl and the deep well of the bowl itself. This is an excellent bowl for large to ex large dogs.

Best Dog Bowls for Large Dogs

Large dogs can present a real challenge when it comes to finding the best large dog bowls. They have to be a balance of being large enough to hold a meal for your big baby but you do not want them to be awkwardly large! You also want to make sure that they cannot be shoved around the kitchen during meal time either.

We found a few that fit the bill nicely that would make a perfect addition to your dog’s meals.

OurPets Premium Durapet Gunmetal Dog Bowl

We loved this model because it has a bonded ring around the bottom of the bowl which keeps the bowl from sliding around the floor and causing damage.

Durapet Gunmetal Dog Bowl


It has a nice deep well for food and a decorative motif of bones and paws on the powder coated exterior. It looks great and it is well made.

Loving Pets Spoiled Leopard Milano Bowl for Dogs, Large

We loved this leopard print (exterior) bowl. Usually all the cute bowls are reserved for small dogs but this would be great for your rather large princess.

Bowl for Dogs


The anti-tip design and removable base provide a great secure food bowl for your big baby. It has a nice deep well for food and a super cute “spoiled” design in a leopard print pattern.

Loving Pets I Love My Dog Bella Bowl for Dogs, Large, 2-Quart, Steel Blue

Bowl for Dogs


This bowl has a stainless interior and a decorative exterior it is available in 8 different designer styles. The non-skid ring is soy based which is a nice option since if your dog should be a chewer and get a hold of the bowl when you are not around the soy based non-skid ring will not harm them. The food well is nice and deep and it is an adorable looking bowl.

Some Dog Bowl Tips

Once you have found the ideal dog bowls for your dog/s there are a few things you can do to ensure that your bowls stay in great condition.

Even when a bowl say’s that it is dishwasher safe if it has a rubber ring or rubberized bottom you may want to avoid the dishwasher and just wash the bowl by hand to avoid any melting issues.

Dishwasher temperatures can get very high and constantly washing the dog bowls in the dishwasher can wear away the rubber and cause it to age prematurely. Wash with sudsy water and let air dry before using it again to extend the life of the bowl.

We talked about stainless steel several times in the reviews so we wanted to expand on the stainless and why it is a good choice. Stainless of course does not corrode (other metals will especially when exposed to the acids in food and in your dog’s mouth) which of course is important but more importantly stainless steel can also keep the bacteria down. Other materials can scratch and bacteria can get up in these little scratches and breed.


It is important that you keep your dog’s food and water bowls clean and washed after every feeding to help ensure the good health of your dog.

It can be tempting to put style before function but you will be happier with dog bowls that function highly.

Choosing the bowls that your dog will use for meals is an important choice to make. You want to live in harmony with your pet and ensuring that they have a nice place to eat from that will not cause any damage in your home is important. There is nothing more frustrating for you both than having to deal with meal time and a bowl scraping around the floor and causing damage.

Making the right choice will reduce meal time stress for you both. Meals are very important to dogs and the more positive you feel about them the more positive your dog will feel about you!