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Keeping Your Dog Busy and Entertained While You’re Away – Is It Even Possible?

You cannot be with your dog all day every day, keeping them busy and entertained while you are away can help to cut down on unwanted behavior.

Dogs misbehave for a few different reasons, including boredom and anxiety. It can be scary for your dog to be left at home because they really do not have a concept of time.

It can also be a very tempting time (when they are home alone) to get into things that they are typically banned from when you are home.  There are a few things you can do to make your furry buddy feel more at ease when you are a way and entertain themselves.


Best Dog Brushes For Long And Short Hair Reviews

Good grooming for dogs basically involves cleaning them and brushing their hair. Brushing their hair has many advantages: gets rid of excess hair that ends to fall all over people’s belongings, detangling messy hair and massaging and lubricating the skin underneath by enhancing production of their body’s lubricants.

Different dog breeds have different kinds of hair. Consequently, every breed needs a specific kind of brush. For instance, a brush meant for a German’s shepherd wouldn’t be right for a poodle. Their hair are not the same kind.

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Keep your dog busy indoors

Every dog owner should strive to keep his or her dogs as busy as possible. Failing to keep them engaged in the appropriate activities and with their minds fully stimulated, within no time, your healthy canine friend will find his own things to keep himself busy.

The normal activities of a dog includes digging, hunting, tearing things apart, jumping, chewing and running. These exercises must be exercised in order to keep their physical and mental health in check.


Causes of Dog Pooping In House and How to Stop It

When your potty-trained dog suddenly starts pooping in your house, there 3 causes listed below are the likely suspects.

  1. Medical problems as a result of an inner physical complication
  2. Outside influences
  3. Fear or compulsion

Although its seems hard for dogs to be house trained, when your previously house trained  canine friend starts pooping and peeing  in your house, it is important to figure out why there is a change in his behaviour.

If this is the problem you are dealing with, it is likely that a single underlying problem is to blame and needs to be addresses.

But how do you find out the root cause of the problem? To begin with, start by exploring for medical complications.


How often should I bath my dog?

Humans perspire through their skin hence need to shower often in order to get rid of the perspiration. Unlike humans, dogs sweat through their tongues hence doesn’t need as much showering.

Dog owners who have only just acquired them or people entrusted with watching them may be at a loss over how frequent dog baths should be given. While there are no definite answers, how often you bathe your dog is dependent on the type of dog you have. Different breeds will have different characteristics. For example, hair length, what time of the year it is and whether your dog indulges in indoor or outdoor bustle.

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Best Dog Grooming Clippers: A Guide with Reviews & Tips

Grooming your canine friends with professional services can be quite an expensive endeavor. The best option is to make this your next DIY project thus up saving several hundred dollars.

By using the right set of tools coupled with enough grooming knowhow, you can effectively trim your beloved dogs with some of the best clippers for dog grooming available on the market.