Keeping Your Dog Busy and Entertained While You’re Away – Is It Even Possible?

You cannot be with your dog all day every day, keeping them busy and entertained while you are away can help to cut down on unwanted behavior.

Dogs misbehave for a few different reasons, including boredom and anxiety. It can be scary for your dog to be left at home because they really do not have a concept of time.

It can also be a very tempting time (when they are home alone) to get into things that they are typically banned from when you are home.  There are a few things you can do to make your furry buddy feel more at ease when you are a way and entertain themselves.

Leave the Guilt Behind

Before you start worrying about how your pup feels about you leaving and whether you will be able to provide them with enough entertainment to keep them busy while you are gone you should adjust your attitude about the situation. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety not because they are afraid of being alone but because their pet parents are anxious about leaving them alone.


Here are a couple of things tips to ensure a smooth sailing right out the door when it is time to leave:

  • It is okay to say “see you later” but it is not okay to have a long departure full of petting and kisses and goodbyes. Dogs are very intuitive and if they pick up on your sadness or your anxiety and act out because of it.
  • When you return home no matter how long you have been gone, keep your voice even toned and not very excitable to help keep your dog nice and calm. This will help them to learn that while you do go away sometimes, it is no big deal and you come back!

Once you start handling your departure a little better, they will handle you leaving a little better.

Bring on the Entertainment

Following these simple suggestions can help your pup to be entertained while you are gone, at the very least it will keep them occupied and missing you less!

1.Turn on the TV- the TV serves two purposes, it provides sound and it provides a visual. While it may not be the most actively engaging system of providing entertainment, it can be a very effective way to keep your pup occupied for a few hours.

2.Set up a spot near the window! Your dog may enjoy looking out the window at the sights, of course, if your fur baby is not fond of strangers, you may want to reconsider this option. It may wind up being less of a helping tool and more of a problem creating tool.

3.Get some toy puzzles! There are toys made for dogs that require that they “figure” something out. These puzzle toys usually offer a reward if they can figure out the puzzle, it can keep them busy for quite some time but once they figure it out they will lose interest, so buy a few and spread them around.

4.Bring in a lifelike dog friend! Keeping your pup busy while you are away, can be as simple as getting an electronic dog that responds to motion. It will make your pet feel less alone while you are gone. Of course, there is a risk that they will not like their new friend and tear it up so don’t invest a lot of money.


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5.Soothing sound machines can produce a soothing noise that can keep your dog calm cool and collected. These machines are made especially for pets to help keep them occupied when you are not home.

6.Hide their favorite toys around the house in easy accessible areas. Fill a few rubber toys with their favorite treats so they will have a scent to go on. Hunting for the toys will help to keep them entertained for hours.

7.Turn on the radio. The announcers voice can help your pet to feel like someone is home with them.

8.Get an interactive pet camera. An interactive pet camera can help you to provide entertainment for your pet. Some of the camera systems will even allow you to provide a treat remotely. This can be the perfect solution for keeping your dog entertained when you are not home.

9.This may not be the best choice but here it goes, get a companion dog for your dog. Two dogs are far less likely to be lonely when you are away than one dog is. Of course, this largely depends on space, budget and the amount of work you are willing to put in to owning another dog.

10.Hire a friend. You can pay someone to come by during the day while you are out at work. Paying someone to come by for an hour or so each day, it will break up the day for your dog and provide a bit of entertainment while you are away.

11.Desperate measures. If your pup is just completely miserable while you are gone, and displays unwanted behaviors, you could consider a doggy day care situation for at least part of the day.

Does It Work?

The reality is you must use a little trial and error to figure out what works and what does not for your dog. Dogs are like humans, they have unique personalities, what makes one happy may not work to make another one happy. Try a few of the above tips and look for progress with your dog to figure out which one works for them.

dog with toy

An interactive pet camera is strongly recommended, with some models, you can see and hear them, and they can see and hear you. It provides comfort for them and gives you peace of mind. They are a great way to “keep in touch” with your dog when you cannot be there in person.

There are definitely ways to entertain your dog when you are not home, you just have to figure out what it is that your dog is going to appreciate!