How often should I bath my dog?

Humans perspire through their skin hence need to shower often in order to get rid of the perspiration. Unlike humans, dogs sweat through their tongues hence doesn’t need as much showering.

Dog owners who have only just acquired them or people entrusted with watching them may be at a loss over how frequent dog baths should be given. While there are no definite answers, how often you bathe your dog is dependent on the type of dog you have. Different breeds will have different characteristics. For example, hair length, what time of the year it is and whether your dog indulges in indoor or outdoor bustle.

Skin Problems

Seeking the counsel of dog professionals or experts over this question is highly recommended. It will save you the pain of ending up with undesirable effects. Investigations on matters pertaining to dog baths should also be conducted before you begin bathing your dog. Bathing dogs too often alters the skin’s natural oil balance leaving it dry consequently making it susceptible to diseases. If you do not clean your dog as many times as you should, they could develop rashes, attract parasites and become dirty.

What you should do after finding information on you kind of dog bathing requirements:

  • Develop a schedule that you follow to keep your dog tidy and well.
  • You may not need to bath your dog after every outdoor activity. You could clean them with wet wipes or use shampoo that doesn’t make them wet.
  • Look out for how they behave after their bath. These are important leads. If they itch, it could mean that the product you use on it is insensitive or you need to cut down on how often you bath them.

We are no longer at a time when dog products were completely different from human products. While most online sites advise that you bath your dog only a few times in a year, the truth is dog cleaning products have been improved and are almost as sensitive as those used by humans. There is no more need to worry about messing up with your dog’s skin moisture balance or leaving the skin parched and uncomfortable.

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 Fresh’n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

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Dry Dog Shampoo

 Dry Dog Shampoo

The issue with bathing your dog too often is messing with natural oil and moisture balance of their skins. This interference is hazardous for your dog. Too much of it will end up draining the oil. While this is true even with human hair, not washing it enough times leaves it dirty and clogged up. Washing it prevents dirt and excessive oil from sticking in the hair.


Does your dog live indoors or outdoors?

More cleanliness is required in a case where your dog is an inside dog and you share your bed with them, chances are that you will need to bath them as often as weekly or monthly, depending on which type of dog you own. This may sound extreme but an inside dogs will go everywhere inside the house where humans do.

To prevent them from bringing in unwanted material, foecal matter and parasites where you sit, you have to clean them more often. The downside is that their skins will be dry but you will snuggle up with them without worrying about dirtying your bedding or dealing with a bad odor.

Breed of dog

Dogs come in different types with each type displaying different characteristics. Dogs with a rougher and tougher skin ward off dirt better than dogs with smoother skins. Dogs with rough or tougher skins include: Shelties, Collies and labs. These can be cleaned monthly. Their counterparts for example the Maltese, Yorkies, Afghans and Shitzus need to be cleaned weekly. Remember that the cleaner a dog is, the happier they are.

In a case where some of your family members are allergic to dogs you need to upgrade your grooming on the dog. Cleaning them should be done as many times as is required to ease the discomfort of the allergic person. The American Lung Association emphasizes that cleaning them more often reduces the amount of debris in their hair.

Most dog owners walk them in parks, let them play in sandy grounds or run around in the grass, dive in pools or climb hilly areas. Most dogs will also indulge in smellingbehinds, consume foecal matter or leave saliva around. All this flurry and bustle will play a part in determining how often you clean your dog.

The more this happens, the more you need to clean your dog. You have to consider what your dog stand to lose over frequent baths. While frequent baths leave your dog’s moisture balance messed up, they will enjoy their own freshness and snuggles from you.


Dogs attract allergy causative agents with their skins while people do so with their nasal and oral tracts. For allergic dogs, baths held once a week reduces the irritation brought on by the allergens. Basically, how often you bath your dog should fall within twice a month or once a month in consideration of the aforementioned factors.

Keep in mind that sensitive cleaning products are good for your dog. Cleaning products used for human hair should not be used on dogs for reasons that will be expounded on later.

The fact is that dogs will manage to collect filth no matter how often you bath them. It is still not clear to humans why dogs love picking at carcasses, animal foecal matter and other foul smelling things.

Bathing your dog without completely damaging their skin’s oil balance can be done despite this annoying recurrence.

How to bath your dog

A very dirty and large dog can make cleaning it tedious. It is better to clean them outside first even though you prefer doing it in a basin. Doing this with a garden hosecould eliminate a lot of grime. Remember to do this gently. If you overdo the hosing, you’ll cause your dog harm. This process could take some time before you’re able to mingle with your dog again.

After using the garden hose on your dog, you can relocate the dog to a basin,or keep cleaning them with the garden house outside. Opt for a gentle cleaning product. Bubbles ‘n Beads is a favorable option. This product serves as a shampoo and a conditioner with micro-beads with useful additives such as vitamins, coconut oil and amino acids for the dog. These additives help clean the dog without leaving them dry.

Should I use Conditioner?

You’re guaranteed to have a happier dog if you keep it clean and free of pests which in turn keep you happy. This fact is explained by the following factors.

  1. Using gentle cleaning products in addition to cleaning your dog as often preventsirritation and the swelling that forms due to irritation. For dogs with easily irritated skin, Comfy Dog oatmeal shampoo is a perfect fit. The colloidal oatmeal will prevent the need to scratch. Fur Butter, addition ensures the itchiness doesn’t recur often and gives your dog a beautiful and healthy look. Normal-coated dogs can use the Bubbles ‘n Beads shampoo. The product contains natural moisturizers that are perfect healing a run-down or damaged skin. The vitamin additives penetrate the skin providing softness and freshness.
  1. Inside dogs get to be family members and so partake in what human family members do. While they are invited to cuddle and benefit from human entertainment, being filthy will prevent them from enjoying the seats and other surfaces in the house. Cleaning them pre-empts mishaps related to dirty dogs, especially when you’re entertaining visitors.
  1. You may be forced to deal with lots of errant dog fur, and in some instances an amount that could cover another dog! Invest in a good cleaning product and brush to get rid of errant hair before it becomes a peskier and much bigger problem. Another advantage with this is amount of time you spend getting rid of the errant fur becomes less.
  2. Parasites bring diseases that could transfer to humans too should your dog nick you with their teeth. Good cleaning products aren’t enough. Spraying them with Flea the Scene eradicates parasites, shielding both, you and the dog from the pesky problems carried by parasites.

7 Best Dog Shampoo

Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

TropiClean Oxy-Med

This product is meant to free your dog from the incredibly uncomfortable problem of scratching. It is medicated, which helps soothe irritated and parched skin. This product won’t wash off parasite repellents because it doesn’t contain soap agents.

Fresh’n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo


If you’re looking to have a fresh smelling dog, this product is your best bet. It comes in 18-ounce and frees matted hair and deals with tangles on the coat. The anti-static agentsensure manageability after the use of the product.

Dry Dog Shampoo


This product is specially made for dogs who detest the thought of getting in to water.The coconut oil base is safe and gives off a fresh smell. The product is flexible where application is concerned since it is dry and eco-friendly.

Natural Pet Shampoo for Dogs and Cats


If your dog has sensitive skin, you ought to try this product. It is as gentle as they get and prevents irritation. The fact that the product is free from man-made scents cuts on the chances of irritating your dog’s skin significantly. It contains additives that keep the skin parasite free and fresh smelling long after the bath is given.  The Lemongrass and Citronella properties make it a natural deodorant. It also contains medicinal properties.

Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo


This product has many advantages. It is a great moisturiser for dogs who suffer from scratching and the consequent effectsof a run down or damaged skin. It gets rid of allergy causative agents and the fact that it contains zero soap properties ensure that the parasite repellent stays intact even after bathing. The herbal scent is very pleasant.

Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Ultra-dog Shampoo


If you want to have a dog with an attractive and finely finished coat, try out this product. It is made from natural products that pamper the skin while adding moisture to it. It has no soap properties, therefore there’s no need to worry about keeping the parasite repellents on. It is an enjoyable bath treat for your dog.

Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal, Aloe, and Shea Butter


Most dogs are exposed to agents that ruin the health of their skin. This product is great for dealing with irritated or parched skins for dogs and cats. The after effects include freshness and soothing sensation by the moisturising components. The product is made of natural components which makes it gentle on your dog and the environment.


Cleanliness is as essential for maintaining a healthy human life as it is for pets. It is also part of good grooming. Ensuring that both are performed optimally helps yield desirable results for the dog owner and the dog. There are many cleaning products in the market. The same case applies to grooming products.

The ingredients of both classes determine the effects this has on your dog. Choosing carefully is important. Keeping an eye out for tried and tested products can help you make the right choice. There are numerous reviews containing information on the pros and cons of each product.

A good search will help you make an informed choice. Some pet product companies are known for manufacturing quality products. You can invest in these products instead of gambling with numerous trials that could leave you frustrated and with a dissatisfied dog.

While most good quality products are expensive or require you to dig deeper in to your pocket, this does not mean that they will help your dog. You may need to seek expert advice on this. Balance your options to what you want to achieve for your dog. This will translate in to the state of your happiness too.