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Choose the Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs And Small Dogs

Usually, our beds don’t make it on the list of our treasured belongings. It could be because we don’t think they should be held dear. The truth is we wouldn’t want to live without these pieces of furniture.

Proper beds make us feel safe, shield us from the cold and act as a pillar for our bones and bodies. Extending the same courtesy to our animal companions, especially dogsis a great idea and ensures that they enjoy the same advantages and other perks.

Whichever dog breed or size, making a good bed a priority for dogs is crucial. Other necessities include collars, chains, and food and drink containers.


Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Puppies Reviews

We all love the hardy breed that pit bulls are known to be. These dogs can survive on almost anything you throw at them.

However, this is not what you want. Instead, you want your canine friends to thrive, grow strong, huge, and meaty. You want your dearie pit bull to get those beautiful muscles with the strength that tells of their boundless power.


What to Know About Dog Flu and How to Cure It

You may be surprised to learn that your dog can catch the dog flu. As a matter of fact, dog flu is on the rise. This highly contagious disease for dogs is airborne, which means that it is spread through coughing and sneezing from dog to dog.

Canine influenza, dog flu, can make your pup very ill and can be dangerous for them.  Recognizing the signs of influenza in your dog, taking steps to prevent it and knowing the steps to take to cure it can be all life saving for your dog.


The Most Dangerous and Toxic Foods Your Dog Should NEVER EAT!

Out of love for their dog, many people make the grave mistake of sharing what is seemingly safe foods to their dogs. Dogs can get very sick from some human foods!

Some of the foods on the list of NEVER FEED may seem completely safe, but your fur baby does not process ingredients the same way you do, so a piece of chocolate that brings you so much joy, could put your pup in the hospital!

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Keeping Your Dog Busy and Entertained While You’re Away – Is It Even Possible?

You cannot be with your dog all day every day, keeping them busy and entertained while you are away can help to cut down on unwanted behavior.

Dogs misbehave for a few different reasons, including boredom and anxiety. It can be scary for your dog to be left at home because they really do not have a concept of time.

It can also be a very tempting time (when they are home alone) to get into things that they are typically banned from when you are home.  There are a few things you can do to make your furry buddy feel more at ease when you are a way and entertain themselves.


Best Dog Brushes For Long And Short Hair Reviews

Good grooming for dogs basically involves cleaning them and brushing their hair. Brushing their hair has many advantages: gets rid of excess hair that ends to fall all over people’s belongings, detangling messy hair and massaging and lubricating the skin underneath by enhancing production of their body’s lubricants.

Different dog breeds have different kinds of hair. Consequently, every breed needs a specific kind of brush. For instance, a brush meant for a German’s shepherd wouldn’t be right for a poodle. Their hair are not the same kind.