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Purebred DNA Test Kit

The Best Dog DNA Test to Understand Your Dog Better

Do you have a mixed breed dog that you just think is amazing? Trying to duplicate the dog that you have right now can be difficult unless you know what your dog is made of.

Teafco Argo Petaboard Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Best Dog Carriers for Travel

When you travel with your dog it is important that you do your part to make things a little less stressful for them. Even the best-heeled traveler (human kind) can find themselves frustrated with situations that are beyond their control, it is not any easier for a dog.

Dog treats

Barkbox Review

Have you heard about the latest craze for pet owners? The Barkbox! This monthly subscription brings a new box of goodies to your front door for your dog every month. This is a very interesting concept that is borrowed from human subscription boxes like the makeup boxes that are available and the snack boxes that are available.

Belgian shepherd dog

Best Big Dog Beds Brands and Product Reviews

Your big dog deserves a big bed! Choosing the right dog bed for you big dog can be tricky. Dogs are naturally den animals so they sort of like to be cuddled up but you want the bed to be large enough for them to stretch out. Of course big dogs put more wear and tear on a bed then a little dog does just because of their massive size.

Dog's Life Jacket

5 Best Dog Life Jackets

A life jacket for your dog? You bet! Dogs can swim but like people some are better swimmers than others. If you want to ensure that your dog is safe in and around water they should have on a life jacket.

Big dog in the field

Top 5 Things that Every Big Dog Needs

So you are thinking about a big dog breed! Good on you! Big dogs are in many opinions the best type of dogs. They are loyal, trust worthy with children and generally fun to be around. Of course having the right supplies on hand is going to make life with your big baby a lot easier.