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10 Most Waterproof and Non-Slip Dog Food Mats

If you have a dog that just seems to enjoy the fun of dragging food and water around, your dog food mat can be the culprit. Most dogs, especially young ones, will have a great time of having some fun with their food. Of course, even if your pup is not the type to play with their food, you still need a mat that is going to stay put, or they will wind up sliding their food bowl around while they eat and make a mess.

Taking a little time to do some research can help you to choose the mat that is going to serve both you and your fur baby well.

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Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with a Dog Pool!

As the temperature soars this summer keeping your dog cool and out of danger should take priority.  There are several things you need to do to ensure that your pup does not become overheated during the hot summer months. Heat can be a true danger for any pet but especially so for your dog.

Imagine being stuck in the heat strapped into a fur coat that you just cannot take off and that is what it is like for your dog. Taking a few simple steps can help your pooch stay cool and safe during the heat. First, we are going to go over the things you should not do.

Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

When you choose the best natural flea treatment for dogs you are choosing to protect your dog. Every year there are cases of dogs being accidently poisoned by flea treatments.

A lot of people mistakenly believe to rid their pet of fleas they have to use formulas that are based on toxic chemicals that can cause neurological damage to their dog and other health concerns.

Flea preparations clearly state on them not to allow your dog to ingest the medication but most dog owners will tell you that there is no way to prevent their dog from licking themselves. While most pets do what seems to be okay with commercial chemical flea preparations do we really know what the long term effects are?

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Best Dog Ramp For Your Dog

Many dogs are injured getting in and out of the car or getting up and down on high furniture, the best dog ramp can help you to prevent injuries. Depending on your dogs breed, age and health history choosing a dog ramp may not be a luxury item but more of a necessity.

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Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

The best pet toys are toys that not only stimulate their physical activity but that also stimulate their mental acuity. Dog puzzle toys can do both nicely.

Challenging your dog to “solve” a puzzle before getting a treat is a great way to stimulate their intellect. There is a slew of studies that show that the more you stimulate your dog’s curiosity and give them problems that they can solve easily the more your dog will be willing to learn.


How to Choose the Best Dog Crates

Choosing the best dog crates really depends on several different variables. In other words, there is not a one size fits all when it comes to dog crates.

The main things you need to consider when searching for a crate is your dog’s size. An ideal sized crate is one where there is enough room to move around but not too much spare room.