Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

When you choose the best natural flea treatment for dogs you are choosing to protect your dog. Every year there are cases of dogs being accidently poisoned by flea treatments.

A lot of people mistakenly believe to rid their pet of fleas they have to use formulas that are based on toxic chemicals that can cause neurological damage to their dog and other health concerns.

Flea preparations clearly state on them not to allow your dog to ingest the medication but most dog owners will tell you that there is no way to prevent their dog from licking themselves. While most pets do what seems to be okay with commercial chemical flea preparations do we really know what the long term effects are?

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Your dog is at a disadvantage because they cannot express if they have a headache or if their stomach is bothering them. There is no way to know if your dog is slowly being poisoned by flea treatments. By the time that we realize something is wrong it can be too late.

Of course there are plenty of times when the chemical flea treatment is successful and there are no problems (as far as we know) but are you willing to take the risk that your dog will be okay and not one of the times that things go horribly wrong?

What You Need to Know

Each year there are plenty of dogs that are poisoned by chemical flea medications. While the numbers or statistics when it comes to flea treatment poisoning for dogs is not really reliable information we do know that according to veterinarians and poison control centers “adverse reactions to flea treatment preparations” ranks in the top 10 of poisonings.

When you consider that most flea treatments are topically applied and that 60% of what you put on the skin is absorbed into the body it is a wonder that more dogs do not experience an adverse reaction to flea treatments.  Many dogs likely do have a reaction but it goes unnoticed.

Most dogs do show signs of experiencing some type of reaction whether it is an increase in scratching or just they are a little lazier than usual. It is really unfair to expose a dog to chemicals and pesticides when we just do not understand what it can be doing to them.

No one that loves their dog would knowingly put their dog through anything that would make them ill but the truth is we are not often given all the fact of the potential side effects.

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There are some side effects that we have no way of measuring until the latter stages. For example, one of the side effects can be neurological in nature. Unfortunately, your dog can not talk to you about feeling dizzy or having a headache and you may not notice until the damage is done.

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Some signs to look for include:

  • Stumbling
  • Head shaking
  • Strange or out of character behaviors (constant barking, whining, walking in circles)
  • Vomiting

Using harsh pesticides on your dog can result in a full range of very serious side effects and illnesses. The side effects may be immediately obviously in dogs that are usually active but in older dogs (where of course there is more danger of very serious illness setting in) it may not be quite as noticeable.

Older dogs and puppies are at the highest risk of fatality from an accidental pesticide poisoning. Of course dogs that have other conditions will also be at a greater risk of having a fatal incident when exposed to chemicals and pesticides.

Of course you can avoid all of the potential side effects by using an all-natural flea treatment. Using all natural flea treatments can greatly reduce the incidence of side effects and potential poisoning.

Natural Flea Treatment

There are different options for natural flea treatment that can be as simple as something you prepare in your kitchen with a few easy ingredients or something that you purchase from a trusted source. The only problem with kitchen crafting your flea treatments is that you never really know if they are going to work.


We do know one thing for sure that fleas cannot be ignored. They carry disease, they are parasitic and can make your dog sick. We also know that pesticides and chemicals are not good for humans. Whatever you put on your dog will wind up on your carpets, furniture and you.

When you use chemicals and pesticides on your dog you are also exposing yourself and your family to them. We know that pesticides and chemicals can have a long term negative health effects on humans.

There is plenty of evidence that long term exposure to pesticides by humans can have some very serious side effects.

No one is certain as to what the “safe” level of exposure is. Natural products are safe for both dogs and humans.

We know that some people actually develop very serious life threatening allergies from being exposed to chemicals. Chemicals even in the smallest amounts can easily build up in the body because the body cannot process them.

Usually we do not really give much thought to how dangerous something as simple as flea treatment can be but it is very dangerous.

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Of course you cannot let your dog suffer with a flea infestation. You cannot have fleas infesting your home because they can also cause “human” problems as well.  There is a way to get rid of fleas effectively without risking exposure to chemicals for both the dog and the humans in your life.

Don’t stress over having to choose between living with fleas or living with chemicals there are plenty of great natural flea treatments that are dependable and safe.

We took a look at a few and pulled together a list of highly recommended and highly rated natural flea treatments to help you to provide your dog with relief without any risk to the dog’s health or yours.

Here are the Best Natural Flea Treatments

Organics RX Pet Flea Powder

If you want to go completely chemical free this formula is a great option. It used silica to kill the fleas instead of chemicals. The silica works to dehydrate the fleas so that they die.

It is a very effective treatment that causes no side effects to the dog.  This preparation has received just about a perfect score from users for effectiveness and lack of side effects.

Dr. Goodpet Inside Flea Relief

Dr. Goodpet Inside Flea Relief All Natural

This is a good product for around the house and for your pets bedding area. This is not to be used directly on the pet but is safe for your pet to be around.

It is important that you also treat the bedding area and other areas that your pet spends time in and this product is ideal for that. It is safe for both children and pets.

Terra Pet Natural Flea and Tick Drops

100% Natural Flea and Tick Repellent Spray

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This product does not contain any chemicals or pesticides. It uses all natural safe essential oils that are known to be effective against fleas and ticks.

Of the users that rated this product it received a perfect 5-star rating. The ingredients in this product actually enhance your dog’s coat.

Wondercide Natural Products

Wondercide Spray

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This all natural product starts working as soon as you spray it on. This product also works in the home on furniture, bedding and other areas that may be infested by fleas.

Wondercide offers a powerful formula that is void of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. Holistic Vets often recommend this formula for the treatment of fleas on dogs.

Bug and Pest Pet Relief

Flea Control Pet Relief

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This compound is good for not only controlling fleas but it also controls other pests like gnats and other insects that are known to be an annoyance to dogs.

This is a complete spray that is chemical and pesticide free. You have a zero side effect risk with this formula.

Flea Away

Flea Away All Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs

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This all natural formula works to keep the fleas and mosquitos away. This formula has no toxic chemicals and leaves no residue behind. This is one of the best natural flea protection.

This formula can help relieve suffering of dogs AND cats that suffer wit flea allergies. This is a liver flavored vitamin mix that works from the inside out. The vitamins that are used in this formula are also good for healthy skin.

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There is a nice range of best natural flea treatments to choose from. You do want to be sure that you read all label warnings to ensure if your dog has any preexisting conditions that can be affected by the treatments you are aware.

Always check with your vet when you are going to treat puppies that are still nursing just to be on the safe side.

Also note that many of the products that can be used on dogs should not be used on cats. Cats have a different biology than dogs do and they are more prone to have issues with certain products. It is always best to use products that are especially made for cats.