What is the Best Dog Toothpaste and How to Choose – Buyer’s Guide with Reviews

While we are used to taking care of our teeth, caring for our pet’s teeth is not as easy. You might be lucky to own a dog that greets you every time you open your door.

You need to keep her teeth clean by brushing them regularly. Unfortunately, your dog may have an iron jaw and never opens it for brushing. This does not mean that your dog is fated for plaque-covered teeth.

There are several options available today designed to help keep your dog’s teeth spotless. You will, however, be required to decide what works best for your dog.

Tooth brushing is without the best option but it requires more time to do it. In addition, if your dog is not willing to make your job easier, you have to devise a few tricks to ease him into tooth brushing.

Introducing your pet to the toothpaste first. Apply a small amount on the tip of your finger for your pet to sit and lick. Fortunately, most dog toothpaste available in the market comes in beef flavor.


With the toothpaste on your finger, wrap a piece of cloth around it and rub it along the pet’s teeth. If this works, you can retain this technique of introducing the toothbrush. Figure out the best toothbrush size the works best for your pet. If your dog is small, go for the small size toothbrush.

Oral hygiene is not always the first thing that comes to our mind when taking care of our dogs, although it is crucial and can bring about severe effects on their overall and mental wellbeing. When purchasing toothpaste for your dog, you will be bombarded with different variations to consider.

This buying guide will present you with some of the best dog toothpaste to help you know how to take care for your canine.

Things to consider about your dog


Your dog’s diet is a major factor when it comes to the development of tartar and plaque in your canine’s mouth. If you are constantly feeding your dog wet food, you should be cautious about their dental well-being is something you should keep an eye on and to ensure they are always in great condition.

Besides using toothpaste, you must ensure that your dog is fed dry food such as biscuits and other abrasive treats are known to be effective in eliminating plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. Always strive to ensure that your canine gets utmost help, as they are susceptible to Periodontal Disease.

Periodontal disease

A staggering 80% of dogs are known to suffer from Periodontal Disease before turning three. This is the term used to refer to the progression ofgingivitis. When left unchecked. Unfortunately, this condition is irreversible.

This disease can be quite painful for the dog and has the ability to shorten your dog’s lifespan, which further necessitates the need for proper oral hygiene.

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Goog Cheap

Petrodex Enzymatic

 Petrodex Enzymatic

Best Value

Nutri-Vet Enzy-matic

 Nutri-Vet Enzy-matic

Dog Toothpaste Buying Guide

Type of toothpaste

If your dog is trained and can sit still, use the toothpaste to brush the same way you would to a person. This is the most effective and thus the best option when it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth.

If your canine is temperamental, using a ‘Drops’ style toothpaste may be an ideal option. Just use two drops on each corner of his mount and rely on his tongue with its natural motion to do the rest.

If your dog has issues with you sticking your hand in his mouth, use a toothpaste that can be put in his food or water bowl.

Unfortunately, this tends to take more time compared to direct brushing for you to even notice any change. These products are still quite effective in eliminating tartar as well as plaque buildup.

Human Toothpaste

Do not even think about cutting corners and using the human toothpaste? Keep in mind that the human toothpaste should be swallowed and comes with a frothing agent. On the other hand, the dog toothpaste does not include this, and your dog will swallow it after brushing.

How to clean your dog’s teeth

You need to get your dog used to have its mouth handles for several weeks. You can start by frequently touching the mouth region and gentility pulling the gums after which you should then look inside its mouth.

To get him used to having objects in his mouth, starting by applying flavorsome things on your finger such as salty chicken seasoning  and inserting into his mouth cavity.

Use the dog paste as a treat and create a positive association with the toothpaste tube. Keep in mind that these products are not harmful, and it can easily be consumed. They also come in different meat flavors, which your dog cannot resist.

After getting used to having the mouth handles coupled with the taste of toothpaste, the next step is training him to open his mouth wide.

To achieve this, provide him with toys to bite as you gently rub the outer part of his mouth using your finger. Reward him with toothpaste and tons of praise.

Introduce him to the toothbrush. You can find these brushes specifically designed for your dog’s mouth. Alternatively, you can go for the small bristled child toothbrush.

You can also use a damp cloth and wrap it around a finger will do, especially if your dog is afraid of the toothbrush. Keep in mind that some dogs are totally against the toothbrush and in such cases, your finger will do just fine.

In the same way, you brush your teeth, gently and thoroughly brush his teeth. Avoid scrubbing hard as you might end up hurting his gum, and ultimately he will never allow the toothbrush near him again. Brush away from the gum using gentle strokes.

You will also be required to work fast regardless of how behaved he is given the fact that the experience is still uncomfortable for him.

There is no need of trying to brush inside his mouth since his tongue is built to help keep the inside surface of the teeth spotless.

Praise him. Lavish him with tons of praise. Let him know how great they are for letting you take care of him.

Which is the best Dog Toothpaste?

The key determining factor when choosing the best toothpaste for your dog is his personal preference in terms of flavor. You are likely to receive numerous recommendations for various brands of dog toothpaste by once you read the information on the packet, you are happy with the ingredients used.

However, if your dog hates the flavor, you will get it nowhere near his mouth. Fortunately, there are several flavors available on the market to cater for every dog preferences ranging from beef to broth.

The flavor that your dogs enjoy will also determine the brand to buy. Below is a roundup of some of the trending brands of dog toothpaste:

CET Toothpaste



This toothpaste is designed for both dogs and cares. It features enzymes that stave-off any bacteria in the mouth trough natural means while stopping the formation of plaque.

CET toothpaste also leaves your pet with a fresh breath. If your dog hates brushing, having the enzymes in his mouth is enough for the much-needed antibacterial action. This brand does not include foaming agents and is 100% safe when swallowed by the dog.

This toothpaste is available in various flavors including, vanilla, beef, mint, and poultry.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Leaves fresh breath
  • Provides antibacterial action
  • Safe when swallowed

Nutri-Vet Enzy-matic



Nutri-Vet Enzymatic is an enzymatic dog toothpaste designed to promote good oral health. Thi

s product is formulated for dogs and solves common problems, including plaque buildup, the formation of tartar as well as other gum diseases that may lead to bleeding and sensitive gums or even loss of teeth. Nutri-vet Enzymatic is a non-foaming toothpaste that is also safe to ingest and is available in several flavors.

If looking for a healthy snack for your canine, Nutri-Vet manufactures tartar and breath biscuits designed to clean teeth and leaving his breath fresh besides being an enjoyable snack.

These biscuits also come with active ingredients designed to fight tartar and the crunchy texture, thus promoting the cleaning and healthy gums when chewing.


  • Fights plaque and formation of tartar
  • Non-foaming
  • Easy to use
  • Provides fresh breath


  • Designed only for dogs

Petrodex Enzymatic



This dog toothpaste features enzymes that help to slow down the formation of tartar and helping in reversing its buildup. The toothpaste is also designed to deal with other oral problems such as teeth yellowing.

Petrodex is designed for dogs to prevent and fight against common problems with prolonged use. It also controls bad breath effectively.

Petrodex is non-foaming and is 100 percent safe to swallow. Chicken flavor is the most preferred option for most dogs.


  • Cleans and leaves fresh breath
  • Fights plaque and removes food debris
  • Non-foaming


  • Designed for dogs only

Kissable Toothpaste

KissAble Dog Toothpaste


This is one of the highest rated toothpaste for dogs on the market. What sets it apart from other toothpaste is the flavoring used. While most dogs seem to prefer the taste of poultry flavored toothpaste, vanilla flavor is also a favorite for most of them.

Besides, vanilla flavor is pleasant for you as well. This is an all-natural toothpaste with natural sweeteners that leave fresh breath.

Vanilla is known to contain tea-tree oil, which is essential in promoting a healthy gum, although you will notice that your canine tends to lick his teeth for a while due to the tantalizing taste of this toothpaste. Vanilla is a great alternative to the poultry flavor and appeals to most dog owners due to its smell.


  • All-natural ingredient
  • Fights most dental diseases
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Promotes fresh breath

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit


This tartar control toothpaste is designed to reduce tartar and plaque while giving your dog a fresh breath. Among its ingredient are  Denta-C,which is basically a combination of Vitamin C coupled with other ingredients including  hexametaphosphate.

This perfect blend then creates a healthy product that effectively whitens and strengthens your dog’s teeth. Nylabone Advance Oral Care is available in different flavors such as dog bone and peanuts.

This delicious flavor makes it a favorite among dogs and consequently makes it easy for you to clean his teeth. It is also designed to fight bad odors from the foods consumed and is 100% safe to use on all dogs.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Leaves fresh breath
  • Provides antibacterial action
  • Safe when swallowed


Without a doubt, your dog can benefit from proper dental care. As you probably know by now, dogs are highly susceptible to the plaque, which is why pet owners need to brush their dog’s teeth regularly tofight any oral diseases.

Although cavities are not common with dogs, periodontal diseases are quite common. Moreover, gum and heart diseases are easily preventable with a strict oral hygiene regimen that also ensures that your dog’s breath is fresher.

Your dog is also susceptible to plaque and tartar build-up coupled with a host of oral problems. Left untreated, this problem will lead to yellowing teeth and horrible breath. In extreme cases, they can lead to fatal conditions, including heart, kidney, and liver diseases.

Give your canine friend a healthy life and keep away any trauma caused by these fatal diseases. You also get to get rid of the annoyance of sore teeth and weeping gums by brushing your dog’s teeth at least twice in a week using dog toothpaste.

Besides fighting oral diseases, practicing proper hygiene helps to avoid frequent bills from your vet. Discussed above are the top five dog-friendly toothpaste designed to keep you happy and a healthy canine.