Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Your dog needs grooming and one way to do this is by clipping their claws. Every dog owner knows how painful it can be to be greeted by the sharp nails every time the dog jumps up to welcome them home or usher them away.

In addition, there are several reasons why it is ill advised for you to allow the dog to grow long nails mainly because the claws easily are entangled with long hair or result in the sore and irritating skin when scratching.

Unlike the dog shampoo that every dog owner purchases frequently, the nail clippers are a necessity. If you get the best brand of dog clippers, this is a purchase that will serve you and your friend canine for years and the right purchase guaranteed to make a great difference  on how fast it can be to trim and the comfort that your pet enjoys during the grooming.

Best Choice

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers


Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

 Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Most Popular

Dremel Pet Grooming Kit

 Dremel Pet Grooming Kit

When choosing the best grooming clippers for your pet, it is important to take time and do a thorough research on the three top clippers on the market.

Fortunately, every dog owners clearly understand how time-consuming being a pet owner tends to be coupled with managing your daily chores, this post does the hard part for you by breaking down some of the best grooming clippers for dogs on the market.


Types of Dog Nail Clippers

Scissor style

This is probably one of the most commonly used types of dog nail clipper and a favorite of most dog owners. Without a doubt, this type of dog clipper makes it top on the list of the best and recommended dog nail clippers below.

The main reason why this type of dog clippers is popular is due to their ease of use. In fact, these clippers work in the same way as the normal scissors and do not cause any harm or irritation.

Although they work the same way as the scissors, they look nothing like them. Instead, they have a small hole where you insert the nails. The blade lies in a semi-circle manner unlike straight with the normal blades of scissors.


This type of dog clippers is among the most common although it has since been replaced by the much easier to use scissor style trimmers.

Although they are not entirely different, these clippers are designed to work by inserting the nails to be clipped into the small hole.

To cut the nail, squeeze the handles down unlike with the scissors, which are operated in a scissors motion.

There are, however, a few disadvantages associated with this type of dog clippers such as the blade becoming worn with time coupled with the fact that when used on larger breeds, it does not always run smoothly, and may even cause your canine dog distress.

File Trimmers

These dog clippers are a great alternative to the above styles. These trimmers may not be officially clippers in nature, but they do help you to groom your canine friends using a rotary blade that helps to soften and file the long and hard dog nails.

Most dog owners prefer and even swear to these grooming methods although in most cases, you may have to clip the nails before using the file trimmers.

Although this is a great way for you to groom your dogs, the price tag is likely to deter most dog owners. This style of clipping needs a steady hand coupled with high levels of skill to avoid hurting or cutting the nails too short.

Here are some of the best dog nail clippers on the market

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer


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In the reviews below, a few factors have been considered to help rank the grooming trimmers in an orderly fashion. Among the factors considered, include the quality of the product, price, and reviews from other dog owners.

When it comes to the Safari dog nail trimmer, this product meets all requirements of a quality and professional dog nail trimmer. So far, the product enjoys numerous positive reviews from dog owners.

The Safari trimmer is made of stainless steel that makes it durable and long lasting. Its durability is important and prevents harming your dearie dog.

The sharpness ensures that the clipper gives your dog quick and easy cuts. For the extra protection, the device comes with a safety stopper that ensures that your dog is not harmed and especially if you are training him or dealing with a nervous dog.

Epica Pet Nail Clippers

Epica Pet Nail Clippers

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Epic Pet Nail clippers are yet another renowned stainless steel and extremely durable dog nail clipper that is specially designed for the medium and large dogs such as German shepherds, Danes, and bulldogs among others.

The rubber grip provides extra safety and eliminated the need of using excessive pressure or a tight grip. The anti-slip rubber the among the reasons why the product is rated highly as it adds the much needed layer of protection as you no longer have to worry about it slipping from your firm grip and ultimately hurting your pet.

Just like the Safari clippers, this too features a safety lock, which means that the trimmer can easily be stored without it getting damaging of hurting yourself in the process.

This clipper is designed specifically for the medium and large dogs and you can be guaranteed of precision while the sharp blades can deliver accurate cuts.

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

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This dog nail clipper makes it to the top three due to its list of brilliant features. This clipper is very effective and sharp enough to give quick and precise cuts.

This trimmer comes with a safety stopper that ensures you do not harm your dog, which explains that this stainless steel is a favorite for most dog owners.

This brand is ideal for professional groomer that assures you of quality as is extremely easy to use. As an extra bonus, this clipper comes with a nail file, which is perfect for the days you feel like pampering your dog.

Omega Pet Dog Nail Clipper

Omega Pet Dog Nail Clipper

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Similar in style to the number three above, this clipper comes with a set of advantages that makes it one of the best dog nail clipper available today.

The Omega Pet dog nail clipper entails a set of features anyone would expect from a high quality clipper. This product features a strong rubber grip and a safety lock for cutting and for the sharp blade.

Another factor about this product that is likely to draw your attention is how well it is designed. Its handle feel firmly secure and the clipper is built to be durable which give you the much needed confidence when purchasing clearly understanding that it will serve you for more than six months or more .

The durability of this brand is another reason why it makes it among the top five clippers on this list. In addition, it is extremely easy to use, which is why most dog owners rate it so highly. When holding the clipper in your hand, you will understand why it is the best there is for your cats and dogs.

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers

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This clipper without a doubt is another renowned brand by dog lovers. These clippers are famous for their study and reliability and are sure to ultimately deliver.

With the comfortable grip that these clippers are known for, it is ideal for trimming nails of all dogs regardless of their size although it is not designed for use on larger breeds where other brands would be a suitable alternative.

This brand is a mark of quality while the stainless steel blades coupled with the comfortable grip and features a spring cutting mechanism to give exceptional results.

This is another reason why this clipper is a favorite for most dog owners. If all you need is a smooth cut, then this clipper is sure to live up to its promise.

Dremel Pet Grooming Kit


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Dremel Pet Grooming Kit is the first file trimmer on this list of some of the best dog nail clippers. The rotary tool is an excellent alternative to the clipping.

Most pet owners would rather use the Dremel, although it may be much harder to master or attain the desired result. However, upon training, you can be sure of extremely impressive results.

This clipper is designed to sand down the nails smoothly and after sometime, you can expect your dog to be comfortable with the clipper.

However, the clipping is likely to take quite longer that with the traditional clippers. Overall, everything about the Dremel kit is impressive enough to make it on this list. If you go for this option, it is probably a wise to have a regular routine for clipping your canine’s nails after a few weeks.

Resco Deluxe Dog Clipper


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Resco Deluxe Dog Clipper makes it on our list of the best dog grooming clippers and is the first guillotine style trimmer. This style was invented in 1937 and since then, it has been manufactured in the U.S.

This clipper is operated by adding pressure on the handle as opposed to gripping just as you do with the common scissor style trimmers.

Upon applying the right amount of pressure, the blade will then slice the nails smoothly making it an ideal alternative is other grooming options seem to fail. Among the drawbacks associated with these clippers is that they are not designed for use on large dogs.

Mojo Dog Trimmers


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This is veterinary approved trimmers that are renowned for their high quality. Among the key reasons why this products are so effective is the thick steel blades they are made of which is perfect for the large breeds. When using the clippers, you can easily feel the each and every cut with every trim made.

This trimmer offers a strong grip, which ensures that you do not harm your dearie dog and you can be certain that you are trimming your dog’s names at the desired length.

As with most other dog clippers, the Mojo trimmer features a safety guard to prevent cutting too deep while the firm non-slip handle discourages a steady cut.

Wagglies Dog Nail Clippers

Wagglies Dog Nail Clippers

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These clippers differ significantly from other clippers as it comes with a raised tip to help make the clipping easier while at the same time keeping your dog a comfortable and calm during the entire process.

The slightly raised tip provides an angel to help you cut the dogs nail although it is unlikely that you will get a smooth cut.

In case you have a hard time trimming the nails, if your dog is restless, or seems to hate the clippers, you might consider trying this clipper, which is uniquely designed in a solid alternative to most clippers.

One thing you will surely love about this product is that it comes with a guide on cutting dog nails coupled with a few tips and recommendations.

Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

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This is yet another great product that sums up the list of the best top 10 grooming clippers for dogs and comes with a guide to help you cut the dogs nails as a bonus.

This clipper is a solid product that pride itself on it extreme efficiency in cutting your dog’s nails without any injuries, hassle, while at the same time ensuring that your pet is comfortable throughout the process. This trimmer is designed for the smaller dogs.

For most dog owners, without a doubt, this product is certainly worth trying. If you are new to grooming your dog, before investing in other and more expensive clippers, this should get you started.


Above are reviews of the top 10 dog nail clippers and every dog owner can easily find one clipper that meets all your preferences.

You may have to seek recommendations from your vet on the best clipper for your dog to invest in.