Best Dog Grooming Clippers: A Guide with Reviews & Tips

Grooming your canine friends with professional services can be quite an expensive endeavor. The best option is to make this your next DIY project thus up saving several hundred dollars.

By using the right set of tools coupled with enough grooming knowhow, you can effectively trim your beloved dogs with some of the best clippers for dog grooming available on the market.

Best dog grooming clippers are designed to help you trim the coat of your pet at home without sourcing professional services.

Before you get those clippers anywhere near your dearie canine friend, take some time to practice working with clippers and come up with a comfortable position that you feel comfortable with.

You will also have to familiarize the clippers to your dog to familiarize here with the tools before grooming can begin. Test your level of skills and your pet’s patience before commencing on the actual trimming.

Fortunately, if you find this too much for you, or afraid that your skills are not good enough, but still want to trim it yourself, sign up for grooming classes or use dog clippers guides and reviews to get you started.

Common variations of Dog Clippers

Dog clipperscan be classified into two categories, wired and cordless. Besides presence of a wire of the lack of it, they come in a torrent of pros and cons to consider.

Some of the dog clippers you will find on the market are known to make loud noises, while others will work without any noise. Whether wired or wireless, some of these clippers will heat up while others will remain cool throughout the process.


The two trimmers can, however, give the desired results is selected based on your needs. Homes with just one pet and a clipper to for regular trimming, either corded or cordless trimmer will do.

When purchasing a clipper, go for the one that best suited to give you value for your hard-earned cash.

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Andis Easyclip Pro

 Andis Easyclip Pro

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Andis AGC Super

 Andis AGC Super

Cordless dog Clippers


  • The cordless clippers are lightweight for enhanced mobility
  • They are convenient enough to reach certain body part y
  • Facilitates free movement during trimming
  • You do not have to be concerned with the wire being entangled when working in a packed roo


  • Batteries run out quite fast and require regular charging
  • Cordless clippers are slow compared to the wired variations making it hard to get a smooth trim on a thick coat.
  • The length of the blades is not customizable and is only available in 5 choices.

Wired Dog Clippers


  • Easy to customize the blade length
  • No battery life concerns
  • Easy trimming, especially
  • Time and effort saving
  • Equips you with full power


  • Challenging to maneuver
  • The cord gets entangled
  • Makes it challenging to trim, especially in tight areas

The cordless, as well as the wired clippers, come with their own set of merits and dimerits. If you hire the services of a professional groomer, you will notice that they work with the both types while trimming.

The corded clippers are used to trim large areas like the back while the cordless is ideal for small areas. If you use the cordless clippers for the whole body, chances are the battery power will drain before you are done.

Below are clipper reviews with advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed choice.

Dog clipper Blades

Purchasing the best professional dog grooming clipper blades is essential, especially when planning to trim several breeds. You have to be armed with a variety of blades to use on the various types of coats that you will come across.

Finish cut blades, wide blades and skip tooth blade are some of the blades you will find. Generally, there are two common blades types which are detachable and adjustable blades.

Detachable blades


  • They can be easily separatedfrom clippers
  • Easy to clean and can be completely detached clippers


  • You will have to replace the blade to get the desired length

Adjustable Blades


  • You do not need to change the blades to get the desired cutting length


  • Not easy to clean as they are fully removable

Why Invest in Dog Clippers?

These dog-grooming devicesare designed to make trimming the thick coat on your dog easy. With the best clippers, you simply have to switch it on, place it in the thick coat and your grooming device will effortlessly get the job done.

When choosing the clipper blades, go for the sharp blade, as any others are likely to pull the coat even more.

Choose a blade that works well with the clippers to get the desired results. Although these devices are designed to be cool, it is unfortunate that most of them get heated especially after being used for long.

It is highly advisable to have a coolant spray handy to keep the clipper cool during the clipping process. Should you accidentally burn your dog, you can expect him not too enthusiastic about another grooming session.

Ensure to always turn the clippers. Always turn the clippers of and on to regulate the heat and ensure that it never becomes too hot. You can also place the clippers on a cool surface to reduce the heating.


Why use the best professional dog grooming clippers

The key advantage of using these professional dog grooming clippers is that they can easily and quickly get the trimming job was done and on time.

Here are more advantages that come with the use of professional dog clippers:

  • Dog clippers are used with different blade variations and as such, they are effective for use in multiple dogs.
  • They are easy to carry and even when your canine friends are away from home, grooming can easily be carried out anywhere.
  • With the necessary maintenance, these clippers tend to be extremely durable.

Disadvantages of Using Fog Clippers

With the above benefits that come from the use of professional clippers for your dog is that they help you to groom your dog far outweigh the disadvantages.

  • They need proper regular maintenance such as sharpening blades, oiling, and frequent clearing.
  • With the type of blades, you are likely to pull the hairs of your pet, which results in scratches on the skin.

An alternative to the dog clippers is the told and traditional scissors and shears. However, using your scissors to trim your dog’s coat is time-consuming unless you are equipped with professional training.

When shopping for the clippers, you are likely to come across some top rated clippers, which are among the most favorite among customers. Below are some of the best products you will find on the market coupled with brief reviews.

Reviews of the Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Clipper

This professional animal clipper is designed for dogs and as the name suggests, they are specially designed solely professional use.

The A5 Turbo features as the strong motor that runs at two different speeds depending on the thickness of your dog’s coat.

Considering its motor power, this clipper neither too quiet nor painfully loud. The speeds are 3000 and 4000 strokes per minute.

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Clipper


  • Very sharp, durable, and powerful
  • Does not generate too much noise despite their power
  • Easily cuts through thick coats in a smooth and fast manner.


  • There are reported cases of this clipper becoming hot

Professionals running their own businesses or pet owners with the necessary and professional skills to groom the dogs all by themselves and have several pets, then this is the best dog clipper to go for.

However, if your dog is small, then you might want to consider looking for other clippers, especially if you are dealing with a thin layer. If the blade is too hot, use a vacuum to lower the heating and to get the hair out.

Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single Speed Dog Clipper

A universal motor powers this professional single speed dog-grooming clipper. It used CryogenX with an AgION coating which is an antimicrobial used to safeguard your dog against bacterial infections.

The motor, despite its power, runs smoothlyand is much cooler. This dog clipper is compatible with a variety of Oster CryogenXbaldes.

This corded dog-grooming clipper comes with a standard no.10 blade coupled with other accessories including the blade guard, blade oil, a cleaning brush, as well as an instruction manual.

This dog clipper is highly recommended by most clipper reviews and ranked top as the best dog clipper on the market.

Oster 78005-010 Golden A5 Single Speed Dog Clipper


  • Seamlessly cuts through thick coats
  • No noise generated and blade is much cooler
  • A break resistance and sturdy build which makes it durable
  • Although marketed for small dogs, this clipper is effective for the larger breeds as well


  • Not designed for use on dirty pets
  • Tends to get hot with prolonged usage

This clipper is among the best clippers and it guarantees to give you professional results. The key complaints regarding this clipper are the fact that it gets heated up and may even cease to function in between the grooming process.

Once heated up, use the Kool-Lube by spreading it on the blade several times when clipping your dog.

It is highly recommended to keep the clippers clean and lubricated for grooming.

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Clipper

This 2-speed dog clipper is designed for pet owners looking for fast hair clippers for their dogs.

This professional clipper comes with two different speeds, 3,400 and 4000 strokes per minutes, coupled with a locking system designed to prevent the switch from going on accidentally.

The noise generated is manageable although overheating is likely to be a problem when planning to use the clipper for long hours.

Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Clipper



  • Comes with easily detachable blades offering a high versatility levels
  • Features an ultra-edge size 10 and highly durable blade
  • Its rotating motor makes cutting through thick coats seamless


  • Heat is a problem

If all you need is a dog clipper that is extremely fast and designed for professional use, this clipper will help you get the clipping done fast and effectively.

Should heat be a problem, use a coolant to deal with it and a set of combs to make your job easier. The clipper comes with a locking hinge system to secure the blade. In addition, it is maintenance free.

Andis Easyclip Pro-animal 7 Piece detachable blade clipper kit

This clipper is ideal for any breed, regardless of the coats. It features 7 blades that are also detachable coupled with a powerful motor offering five different speeds.

The motor is extremely powerful, making it ideal for use in any challenging grooming task.

While running at a low speed, this device is much cooler and ideal for use on the sensitive body parts of your canine friend. It comes with a sturdy build for the extra durability.

AndisEasyclip Pro-animal 7 Piece detachable blade clipper kit



  • The study designed makes the clipper extremely durable
  • 5 different speed motor
  • For cooling, turn to low speed, especially when dealing with sensitive areas


  • Heat is likely to be a problem

Wahl Arco Se Professional Cordless Clipper

This cordless clipper is designed for people looking for a professional and powerful dog-grooming clipper. With 5,500 strokes per minute, the motor is strong enough to give you the desired results.

This dog clipper features a detachable but a limited choice of blades. The noise generated is not that troublesome. However, your dog is sensitive; this may not be the best buy.

Wahl Arco Se Professional Cordless Clipper



  • Ideal for beginners
  • Lightweight but very powerful
  • Easy to use, especially on restless dogs


  • Heat is a major problem
  • Fragile


Just like us, dogs need grooming and with the best dog clipper, you can easily keep his coat looking neat round the clock.

Try some of the clippers reviewed above to help make your job easy.