Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Puppies Reviews

We all love the hardy breed that pit bulls are known to be. These dogs can survive on almost anything you throw at them.

However, this is not what you want. Instead, you want your canine friends to thrive, grow strong, huge, and meaty. You want your dearie pit bull to get those beautiful muscles with the strength that tells of their boundless power.

A little history of the pit bulls

Before choosing the best dog food for the pit bulls, you must keep in mind the special nutritional requirements of their body. This requires looking at their history.

Pit bulls were not the muscle and meat type of dogs that we now know them to be. When the early immigrants first introduced the breed to America from England, they were a bit smaller.

But as they adapted to their new home in the US, they were valued for their role as security from predators and were used on farms as a helper.

As such, these dogs needed to be agile and equipped with the stamina needed to endure long days of work. These dogs were also trustworthy babysitter whom they constantly accompanied.

In the U.K. pit bulls were used as bait dogs to aggravate bulls for entertainment in the 1800s. Fortunately, this practice was later deemed illegal in 1835 when they were then used in dog fighting for entertainment.

By the break of the 1900s in the America, pit bulls were held for more value than just their ability to fight. As you are likely to see from numerous photographs of the time, Pitbulls were valued part of the family and can be seen surrounded by children. Back then, they were the “All American Dog.”

The decades that followed were challenging for this breed. Their owners, who made them fight for cash subjected Pitts to undeserved bad press due to the inhumane actions. Since then, the breed has crawled its way back into its respectable place in the modern homes.


Pitbulls’ special nutritional requirements

As the role of the pit bulls changes over time, their body also changes significantly. Today, pitbull are not the small and agile 30 pound dogs that they were in the early 1900s.

Today, the breed is much heavier weighing between 60-75 pounds or even more. Depending on their level of activities, much of their body weight is made up of muscles.

To retain the muscle mass, your pit bulls must eat the right diet that is highly rich in digestible proteins. On the other hand, if your canine friend is more of a couch snoozer, you need to adjust her diet or he will gain more unwanted weight.

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Purina Pro Plan Savor

Purina Pro Plan Savor

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Taste of the Wetlands

 Taste of the Wetlands

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Taste of the Wild High Prairie

 Taste of the Wild High Prairie

Here are a few key components of a nutritious diet for your canine friends:

Protein- for those strong muscles to form and promote organ and tissue growth, ensure that dog food is packed with highly digestible proteins.

Carbohydrates – This will keep him busting with energy and provides the fiber content needed to promote a “full” feeling.

Fat – to provide your canine friend with complex energy as well as absorb vitamins. Fat also helps to maintain a healthy skin coat.

Vitamins and minerals – this helps to lay the necessary foundation for good health at the cellular level.

Almost half of the dog’s body mass is made up of proteins. For a protein source to be fed to a dog nutritiously, go for those that come from other animals. Beef, lamb, chicken, and fish are some of the best sources of protein for your pit bulls.

Make sure that a meat meal is the first ingredient on the dog food package that you purchase. Keep in mind that the first ingredient on the list should be the most used in the dog food.

In case you are wondering what meat meal is, this is the product left over once the moisture content is eliminated from the raw animal  tissues. 10 percent of the meat meal is made up of moisture.

This is the most concentrated form of animal protein present in dog foods. Keep in mind that then high-quality meat meal is a crucial component of the pit bull’s nutritional requirements.


Carbohydrates, on the other hand, provide your pitbull with sufficient energy in form of glucose. High-quality carbs tend to be easily digested and can promote heat once metabolized.

Carbs from whole grains are known to be rich in slow to digest  fiber which helps the dog to feel fuller for longer while promoting  the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria in their gut.

Your pitbull needs a diet rich in fat content to help meet her energy demands. Energy from these facts is far more important than what they get from the carbs or protein. Once consumed, this fat is then converted into glucose.

The best dog food for pit bulls should contain omega-3 and 6, which are essential fatty acids. Omegas 3s come from fish oils such as salmon and herring. Some are plant based like flaxseed oil as well as the canola oil. The crucial omega-6s come from poultry fat, sunflower oils, and vegetable oils.

Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients for the bones as well as healthy teeth grow. You pit bulls’ body is not built to produce the nutrients on its own.

Vitamins and minerals are crucial elements that should be present in their diet. You are highly discouraged from giving your dog vitamin and mineral supplement due to the risk of poisoning.

Premium vs Cheap food – what is the difference?

When shopping for the best dog food for your pit bulls, you are likely to come across a vast variety of the market each touting of something different. These promises are endless.

The big question is if these dog food companies can deliver as they promise. If you purchase dog foods from a grocery store, chances are they will not.

Contained within these bags are loads of fillers, junk, and even chemicals that add few or zero nutritional benefits. But is there an another to feeding your pitbull?

Yes, and can be purchased from pet stores. There are the premium food for dogs that come with a list of ingredients full of things that you are already familiar with such as carrots, flaxseed, beef, carrots, and apple among others.

Most manufacturers use components that are safe for human consumption. The better the ingredients used are, the more nutritionally packed pitbull food you get.

This means that there will be less dog waste to collect on the potty walks since the Pit will be utilizing the food as the much-needed fuel by the body.

Better dog food is not all about the difference on the price tags. You are likely to see results once you visit the vet.

Given that, proper nutrition is the basis of a healthy and strong pit bull, your pit bull will thrive by eating food that is beneficial for your dog.

Here are some of the best dog foods for pit bulls worth giving a try.

Orijen Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

It is hard to dispute the fact that Orijen isamong the top trending and extremely highquality pit bull food available in the market.

Although there are tons of other exceptional foods currently available on the market, you will be hard pressed to try any other brand that rivals the skills and careput into each bag.


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It is highly recommended this brand for adult dogs of most breeds, but you should remember to check the specification boxes for your pit bull.

The exceptional rich protein content, allergy prevention grains, as well as tons of vital and much needednutrients for good health are among the benefits of using Orijen.

One reasons likely to discourage you from buying this brand is the price tag. Unfortunately, Orijen is among the most expensive brands currently trending on the market that almost matches the cost per pound ratio of the wet foods.

Depending on dog’s weight, you pit bull consume about 2 cups every day which totals close to a pound. This means that a bag will last you for about 4 weeks. If you can afford it, you do not have to search elsewhere.

Taste of the Wetlands Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

If shopping for the best dog food for pit bulls online, you will easily notice that this brand is the fan favorite that seems to hit the spot as far as high quality coupled with the price are concerned. This dry dog food brand is grain free.

If your pit bull as any allergic reaction on the skin or a sensitive tummy, this best dog food removes most typical ingredient known to result in cases of tching and bloat.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands


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Considering the fact that you are not sacrificing quality for this dog food, it is affordable enough for your canines and a worthy substitute to Orijen at half price.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet

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Dog food customers have a liking for the Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance dog food. The best thing about this brand is that it is ideal for all stages including puppies and comes with few ingredients to prevent skin allergies common in pitbull breed.

This US made Natural Balance is readily available online and pet stores. If your pitbull has a sensitive stomach, itches, and scratched a lot, this is the dog food to go for.

Best foods for puppies

We all love the cute and cuddly pitbull puppies. At this young age, it is almost impossible to believe that these puppies will soon grow into these strong and energetic canines.

The trick is to give them a good start with the best food for puppies that is packed with proteins and essential nutrients needed to promote great health. Below are some of the best pitbull puppies to try.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

Of all the dog foods for puppies in the market, this is the highest-rated you will find. This food is made with real roasted meats, which ensure that the dog is getting the best and quality proteins that you would even eat yourself but in a different form of course.

The fruit and vegetables carefully blended in this formula is designed to give the puppies a natural supply of anti-oxidants making them sleeker with healthier coats.


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Pitbull puppies grow into extremely muscular dogs whereby they bulk up in their puppy years. This food is known to have an obvious effect on the rate of growth and muscle tone in just a matter of weeks.

You might not have to feed the puppies and much and with other brands due to extremely high quality of the product and puppies tend to be more energetic after a few weeks on this rich diet.

Purina Pro Plan Savor

Purina is a renowned brand and just like Taste of the Wild High, the formula is based on real meat (chicken) ensuring that your puppies get high quality proteins.

The manufacturer has strived to pack the food with as many beneficial ingredients making it the second best dog food for puppies. The presence of DHA sourced from fish oil helps to promote proper brain and vision development. 

Purina Pro Plan Savor

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The antioxidants on the other hand help to strengthen the puppy’s immune system, which is essential in since pit bulls are highly prone to diseases.Puppies have a liking for this brand and record a perceptible health and growth improvement in just a matter of weeks.


For every pitbull owner, the best decision you will make for your canine friends is what you feed her. The best dog food lays a strong foundation for good health for the rest of his life.

Nutritious food is also an essential weapon in keeping off any ailments.  Disused above are some of the best dog food for pit bulls available on the market.

Keep in mind that, to find the right food, you will need facts and recommendations of some of the most nutritious diet for different life stages.