The Best Dog DNA Test to Understand Your Dog Better

Do you have a mixed breed dog that you just think is amazing? Trying to duplicate the dog that you have right now can be difficult unless you know what your dog is made of.

There are plenty of reasons that you may want to test your dog’s DNA. Here are a few things that a dog DNA test can help you with:

  • Understanding behaviors
  • Providing preventive health care
  • Identifying potential genetic issues to look out for
  • Nutrition planning

Dogs can be perplexing friends. Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered “why would you do that?” We know that some breeds are prone to certain behaviors because of genetic imprints.

Understanding where your dog is “coming from” can help you to better understand their behavior and reduce some frustration that you may feel.

It can help to form a stronger bond when you understand why your dog is seemingly trying to drive you crazy. You will better be able to come with a training plan that is ideal for your dogs breed.

Being able to clearly identify your dogs breed(s) can help you and your vet to know what to look for based on what the most common afflictions are of the line that your dog is associated with.


It can also help you and your vet to identify any potential genetic issues that may be lurking based on the identified breeds. It can be a very valuable tool not only for identification purposes but for the care that you provide your dog.

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Wisdom Panel 2.0

 Wisdom Panel 2.0

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There are so many unique issues that affect only specific breeds that having this information can help to quickly diagnose your dog if they should fall ill without all the unnecessary diagnostic testing that is costly and puts your dog through stress.

Knowing what breed(s) your dog is can help to quickly identify any issues that they may be prone to and help the vet to prepare a wellness plan to avoid those issues.

Some breeds are prone to being overweight. Knowing the breeds can help you and your vet to come up with a solid nutrition plan for your dog to avoid obesity.

It can be a very helpful tool to know what breeds your dog is made up of when you are trying to provide them with the nutrition that works best for their breed.

Of course if you believe that your dog is a pedigree but you do not have the “papers” to prove it a DNA test can help you to petition the Kennel Club to recognize and register your pet.

Many kennel clubs will take the reports that are generated by the DNA testing and make their decisions based on what is contained in the report.

The catch is choosing the best DNA test for dogs so that you can get accurate readings that are reliable. You want to choose a DNA test that is easy to administer that will not be a challenge to collect the DNA.  You also want a report that includes information back a few generations.

We took a look at some of the highly recommended options and found a few that would be “best”.

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

This is easily one of the most popular DNA test kits on the market. It offers accurate testing and ancestry identification back to the great grandparents.

Collecting the sample is simple, just a swab inside the cheek of the dog. The ancestry report is emailed to you in about 2-3 weeks.

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit


The kit comes with a prepaid shipping container and there are no additional charges for the testing which nice because some companies do charge for both the kit and the testing.

Purebred DNA Test Kit

This is an ideal kit if you believe that you have a purebred dog and want to petition to have him/her recognized. It is the same easy cheek swab test that the Wisdom Panel 2 offers but with this test it is specifically looking for the genetics of a specific breed.

Purebred DNA Test Kit

You indicate on the shipping slip what breed you believe your dog is and the laboratory will test the DNA for that specific breed that will provide you with an ancestry report back to the great grandparents. This kit identifies bot the dam and sire’s lineage.

DNA MY Dog – Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

This kit offers results in less than 2 weeks. Same cheek swab testing that the other two listed here offers so the test itself is relatively simple. The report includes ancestry percentage back to the great grandparents on both the dam and sire’s line.

DNA MY Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit - At-Home Cheek Swab Kit


The report also includes genetically relevant potential health concerns. This is one of the few kits that offer a really complete look at your dog’s genetics.

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test Case Pack 1 Pieces

This kit offers a very quick turnaround according to users that have received the results in about a week. This is about half the time it takes for some of the other tests to be processed.

This is also a cheek swab test. The kit comes with a prepaid shipping container. Users have reported that this test has been very accurate.

Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test Case Pack 1 Pieces

Understanding your dog is very important for a harmonious relationship between you and him/her. These tests are relatively inexpensive and can really pay off by providing you with the information that you need.

Vets can easily charge you 3 x’s the amount you would pay for a kit and literally do the same thing. They cannot type the DNA on their own so it is very likely that your vet will use a similar test kit to take the sample and send it off to the same lab to have it tested. You will just be paying for your vet’s time for something that you can easily do yourself.

It is an easy cost effective option to find out exactly what you are dealing with.