The Best Dog Carriers for Travel

When you travel with your dog it is important that you do your part to make things a little less stressful for them. Even the best-heeled traveler (human kind) can find themselves frustrated with situations that are beyond their control, it is not any easier for a dog.

Traveling by plane is usually the quickest way to get from one place to another but traveling by air means dealing with long security lines and it can mean that your dog is faced with riding in the cargo hold of the plane. All of it can mean some heartbreaking upset for your pet. The least you can do is choose a carrier that is comfortable for them to lessen the anxiety a bit.

There was a time when air travel was a lot friendlier but that time has long come and gone. Air travel is in a word a “nightmare” and if you think it is bad for you, can you imagine how a dog feels?

dog is posing

Traveling can be so stressful today for both humans and their furry friends. Many airlines will let smaller dogs travel in their dog carriers in the cabin if they meet the weight restriction, check with your airline.

Editor’s Choice

Petmate Sky Kennel

 Petmate Sky Kennel

Goog Cheap

Teafco Argo

 Teafco Argo

There are a few things that you can do to ease the pains of travel for your dog:

  • Be sure the vet doe a checkup before you embark on your travels. A dog that is not feeling well will certainly not react well to traveling. Your vet may be able to prescribe medication that can help your dog to rest and stay calm during the longest leg of the journey.
  • Be sure that you check with the airlines to see what your responsibility is as far as providing a health certificate for your dog and what type of carrier is approved for travel.
  • Purchase one of the best dog carrier for airline travel and acclimate your dog to the carrier a couple of weeks before your planned travel date. Make the carrier a fun place for them to be by adding treats and toys to the carrier.

The type of carrier you choose will be directed by what the airlines allows and how large your dog is. If your dog is small enough to ride in the cabin with you (check with the airlines) than you can go with a soft sided carrier if they will have to ride in the cargo hold you HAVE to choose a more durable option.

We searched for TSA approved carriers to help you find the best airline approved dog carrier.

For Large Dogs

We took a look at plenty of carriers for large dogs and found a couple that are made specifically to airline specifications.

Petmate Sky Kennel

The Petmate Sky Kennel comes in several different sizes. The largest size can hold a dog up to 125 pounds. We liked this because it is durable and functional.


  • It is made to the exact specifications of what the airlines require so that takes out some of the worry. It has a secure latch on the door so that your dog stays safe.


  • This is not the most comfortable carrier, it does not have many bells and whistles that other carriers have to offer but it gets the job done and it is airline approved.

Petmate Sky Kennel

JunkieDog 24″ Airline Approved Plastic Dog / Cat Pet Kennel Carrier or Air Travel with Chrome Door and Free Cup Foldable Dog Travel Crate

This option is for pets up to 25 pounds. It is up to the standards for both USA and IATA.


  • It has a built in water cup which is nice to have for convenience. It offers a nice amount of ventilation and it is sturdy.


  • It is simple and will get the job done but there are not a lot of comfort features.

JunkieDog 24 Airline Approved Pet Kennel Carrier

Teafco Argo by Petaboard Airline-Approved Pet Carrier, Style B

In our opinion this is easily one of the best dog carriers for airline travel for small dogs.


  • Extra shoulder strap that makes it easy for across the body carrying. It has pockets for travel documents and easy access to the interior. It is constructed of easy to clean nylon that you can wipe clean. It fits nicely right under the seat and meets the strict guideline of both the TSA and the IATA.


  • We loved it and could not find anything we did not like about this carrier.

Teafco Pet Carrier

Bark and Meow Premium Pet Travel Tote Carrier Bag with Detachable Roller System and Silicone Pet Bowl for Dog and Cat DLC10081

This is a great carrier that can easily be one of the best carriers for airline travel because it has a detachable wheel system so when you are rushing through the airport you can easily pull along your dog.


  • Great construction and the trolley system makes it so easy to take a long. We loved that the handle was easy to control and that you did not have to carry yet one more thing. It comes complete with a silicone watering bowl so your dog can drink when they are thirsty. It has an integrated leash system so you do not have to worry about your pet jumping out and running off when you open the carrier. The whole thing folds flat for easy storage.


  • The cost is a little steep but frankly you pay for what you get and paying a little more to ensure safe convenient travels is well worth it.

Bark and Meow Premium Pet Travel Tote Carrier Bag

Don’t leave your dog at home, take them with you, using one of these great pet carriers that makes traveling with your dog not only possible but easy. Remember to check with the airlines before you make your carrier purchase to ensure that they do not have any special requirements. Each airline has different rules for pets that are traveling so be sure that you are in line with what your airlines requires.