Best Dog Brushes For Long And Short Hair Reviews

Good grooming for dogs basically involves cleaning them and brushing their hair. Brushing their hair has many advantages: gets rid of excess hair that ends to fall all over people’s belongings, detangling messy hair and massaging and lubricating the skin underneath by enhancing production of their body’s lubricants.

Different dog breeds have different kinds of hair. Consequently, every breed needs a specific kind of brush. For instance, a brush meant for a German’s shepherd wouldn’t be right for a poodle. Their hair are not the same kind.

Whether or not you are using a brush that suits your dog can be measured by how your dog behaves when it’s time to brush their hair.

A dog that’s happy to be groomed probably means that you’re doing something right. Pain indicates that the brush you’re using is wrong. A dog that relaxes and lets you brush their hair means that the brush is right for them.

The basic kinds of brushes include: slicker, rake, bristle and pin brushes.


Slicker Brushes

The wires used to make them are lined on a flat surface, which are especially great for dealing with mats on dogs with curly hair. Slicker brushes can also be used onmedium and long haired dogs.

They are made of short andfine wires planted close. These brushes come in many variants and sizes. Brushing your dog’s hair doesn’t need to be hard so choose a handle you can grip well and a favorable size.

Breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and St. Bernardsdog breeds are notorious for developing tangled hair.

This brush would be your best chance at dealing with the incredibly annoying mats. Long hair tangles more often.

Brushing with a slicker brush may be uncomfortable because of the brush’s fine wires. Being gentle cuts the chances of causing your pet pain or discomfort.


They have a deeper reach in to the dog’s coat. They are designed for clearing mats and the mess created by dead undercoats. Rakes resemble shaving razors and have closely planted pins arranged on one or two rows.

They are like razors so one should go easy while using them. They are perfect for breeds with thick hair like the German shepherd, Chow Chow and malamutes for instance.

These breeds often develop dead undercoats when they are in shedding period. The thick hair traps material meant to fall off.

You need to consider your dog’s hair length before choosing a rake. The pins aren’t the same. If the pins are longer than your dog’s hair, they’ll hurt your dog. If the pins are too short, they won’t clear debris properly.


Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are best suited for breeds with short hair, for example: pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Terriers and Boston Terriers.

These breeds tend to shed more often than other dogs, and have an even undercoat. The bristles are natural and are arranged in neat clusters perfect for removing the shed bits of undercoat.

Editor’s Choice

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

 FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Goog Cheap

Miu Color Pet Grooming Deshedding Tool

 Miu Color Pet Grooming Deshedding Tool

Best Value

DakPets Deshedding Brush Tool

 DakPets Deshedding Brush Tool

Pin Brushes

These brushes are common but sadly offer the least help. Their make resembles that of hair brushes used by humans. They are oval with spaced wires with pin heads.

They do a better job at finishing a dog hair-do than they do at clearing shed undercoats. If your concern is deeper than a beautiful dog coat, choose another brush. The best attribute about pin brushes is that they catch errant dog hair before it falls off.

Buying flea combs is a good idea. They get rid of the parasites and save the dog itchy discomforts and cut chances of contracting many infectious diseases. Unlike brushes, flea combs can be used on any dog breed.

You can also consult an animal health expert if you’re not sure about which brush is the best for your dog.


Brush Choices are Dependent on Dog Breed

Brushes are varied on make just as they are on size and how they are shaped. These variants will be discussed next. Big brushes are best suited for larger breeds while small ones fit smaller breeds.

Shapes come in a wider range than size where brushes are concerned. Most stores stock the oval-shaped brushes so people have become used to that shape. As much as the oval shape is efficient, other shapes needs to be considered and explored.

Brush choices are dependent on people’s likes and dislikes. This doesn’t mean that they always choose the best brush. Triangle-pinned brushes do a good job on long haired dogs.

They reach the crucial but hard to brush areas better than pins with other shapes. Areas underneath the forearms and face make grooming difficult. People who show off their dogs prefer oblong-shaped brushes.

Away from the size, shape and variant, grips make an important factor in brush choice. Grips could be made of wood, made of soft gel or come in comfortable or easy to use designs that fit your hand perfectly.

If you brush your dog’s hair often, the state of the brush’s grip matters.

Top 5 Best Dog deShedding Tools

Loose pet hair falling all over their home is one of the greatest concerns for aspiring pet owners. Industry players have tried to alleviate the problem by developing tools to deal with falling hair.

Our search for the most effective tools came up with five of them from and You will instantly notice that most people’s favorite dog deshedding tools don’t make it on the list; for example grooming mitt, vacuums and blades.

The same case applies for best dog treadmill list. Next generation pet groomers are simple but perfectly made. Read our research on the list containing five of the best equipment for dealing with your pet shedding.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs


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DakPets tool may be receiving all the attention but we found out from dog and cat owners that this tool beats the rest when it comes to pet fur care. With this tool, pets loose only 10% of their fur. It is safe for your dog.

The stainless steel edges reach deep into your dog’s fur and safely remove every bit of errant hair. Pressing the FUR ejector button allows you to get rid of the loose hair collected in the tool. It is a far better option to giving your dog a bath so, try it out.

Deshedding Tool & Pet Grooming Brush


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People looking for an effective deshedding tool have probably come across the Deshedding Tool & Pet Grooming Brush, from Dampest.

It may not be as good as FURminator(although it is widely believed to be the best) but could the best there is on the World Wide Web.

It goes easier on your pockets and carries with it a guarantee of replacement if it breaks from the manufactures.Its manufacturers promise that it doesn’t break.

As proven or seen in great dog films, people who used it on their dogs say that there’s an 80-100% errant hair removal.

The size is convenient and the make is sturdy, not brittle, which makes it hard to break. Dog owners with varied types of dogs are free to use this tool.

The Desheddinator 2 in 1 comb/brush


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This tool has the best ring to its name among those on this list of top five best. It is also a great option to even the best dog clippers.

It works in the same manner as the rest but costs a little less than most FURminators. It works without problems and relieves its users of up to 90 % of errant dog hair.

This makes it an effectivechoice. It is also not choosy and will work with every dog kind size with short to long hair. This is more than the price value. The FUR ejector button is the best part about it.

Best Dog Brushes for Labs

Safari Bristle Brush

Safari Bristle Brush

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The Safari Bristle Brush is affordable and does well when you want to give your dog a quick grooming session after being out to prevent soiling your house.

It is the kind of brush you use on a daily basis, and gives a good massage but may take long to clean it.

The positioning of the bristles is too close, thus the brush retains too much hair which needs to be removed if the brush is to work properly.

Snailmon Double Sided Pet Dematting Rake Comb


People who own labs seem to love this product though promotional messages push its use on long-haired breeds. It is a cheap brush with a convenientsize which makes grooming easy.

You can use it as regularly as once a week to remove debris from the undercoat. The shape makes it easy to clean and remove hair although the pins cannot be retrieved.



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When it’s shedding season for dogs, such as spring and autumn, this is your best bet for dealing with the shedding.

Although it is far from cheap and quite close to expensive, manufacturers claim that the tool is capable of getting rid of 90% of loose dog hair because it works through the top of the hair to the undercoat.

The value here is about convenience.  It comes in a compact size which makes it easy to maneuver on the dog.

Cleaning it is not a chore. The fur ejector button gets rid of hair any time you want.

The Best Brushes for Short-haired Dogs

Granpaws Deshedding Tool and Brush


You get a size of a deshedding tool that cuts across all dog sizes. The perks of this machine increase to a strong handle that won’t break and can be replaced should it break without having to explain what happened to it.

It’s better to look for a specific type of brush for a specific type of dog though this choice is easy.

Miu Color Pet Grooming Deshedding Tool


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A machine recommended by vets and dog professionals like this one is a fabulous choice. It  has a stainless steel blade with four inches in length. Long-haired and short-haired dogs are fit for this machine.

However, it may not be that good of a choice when it comes to the importance of doing the best for your kind of dog.

Desheddinator 2 in 1 Comb and Brush by Pet Grooming


This  machine is a little specific on dog size as it comes in 46mm, 76mm and 100mm. The sizes are fit for small, medium and large dogs respectively.

The handle has a good grip. A vet recommendation makes it a good choice too.

Slicker Brush

This is a perfect tool when you’re dealing with mats. The fine wire pins release tangled hair as the bent ends collect loose hair, clearing the undercoat. The head is either curved or bent.

This along with the design of the pins cuts across all coat types. The pins aren’t limited to a particular size either. You can choose the one with pins that fit your dog.

Pin Brush

This brush comes in varied sizes, kinds and colors. The rubber ends of the straight pins are designed to detangle hair from the likes of Natural long and Silky without hair loss, while the bend-shaped ends collect debris from the undercoat.

Bristle Brush

The best thing about this brush is a variety of sizes. The bristles are either natural or artificial and do a nice finish on Wirey and combination dog coats by removing dead bits of undercoat and dead hair.


The best grooming habits you could develop for your dog would be investing in the best brush; by taking in to consideration the same things you do while buying your own hair brush.

Expensive doesn’t always mean good. Choose a grooming tool that is designed for your kind of dog; in all aspects.