Best Big Dog Beds Brands and Product Reviews

Your big dog deserves a big bed! Choosing the right dog bed for you big dog can be tricky. Dogs are naturally den animals so they sort of like to be cuddled up but you want the bed to be large enough for them to stretch out. Of course big dogs put more wear and tear on a bed then a little dog does just because of their massive size.

Big dogs need high quality beds to rest in that will hold up under their weight. The best big dog beds brand reviews that are listed here will give you an excellent selection of high quality beds for your big dog.

Health Issues

Big dogs experience big dog bone problems. They often suffer from hip and joint disease as they age. Having the right support while they sleep can help to offset some of the pain and discomfort.

Orthopedic type beds for big dogs are usually the best types if your dog suffers from joint or hip problems. They provide support for your dog while they sleep like a good mattress does for your back and body.

Your big dogs skeleton and joints goes through a lot of wear and tear they deserve a comfortable space to call their own and get a good night’s rest.

Editor’s Choice

The Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

 The Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

Goog Cheap

Majestic Pet Big Bagel Bed

 Majestic Pet Big Bagel Bed

Best Value

Premium Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed

 Premium Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed

Dog Bed Brands

Choosing the right dog bed starts with understanding what the different brands have to offer. There are some well-known brands that offer a wide range of styles that can work well for your dog. You want to choose a trusted brand for a few different reasons:

  • Your dog’s safety
  • Your dog’s comfort
  • Longevity

You have to be sure that you choose respected brands or you risk exposing your pooch to materials that they should not be exposed to. When you are considering dog beds look for brands that put the safety of your dog on the list of what they are trying to accomplish with the materials in the bed.  Safe materials are a must and that is absolutely relative to the brand that you choose. A well-known brand has a reputation to protect and they would never risk cutting corners and use shoddy materials.

Of course choosing the right brand also will ensure that your dog is completely comfortable in their bed. Big name brands or brands that are well-known for being advocates for animals will have done the research that is needed to create a bed that is not only aesthetically pleasing, crafted with safe materials but also be structured to help them get the support that they need while they rest.


You cannot overlook the fact that better brands make better quality products. Choosing the right brand is important if you want a bed that is built too last. Overly cheap brands are overly cheap because they use subpar materials and they do not put the effort into creating a product that will last.

Putting some thought into choosing the right bed from the right brand can help you to find the perfect bed for your favorite pooch that will last a lifetime. You dog will spend every night of their life sleeping in their bed and likely some times during the day, durability is a must and putting some effort into finding a well-built bed from a recognized brand will help to ensure that you get the usability out of the bed that you hope to.  It is important for your dog’s comfort that you take the time to make the right choice!

The Reviews

We looked at the best big dog beds and considered the brands, the cost, what consumers that bought the bed had to say and the quality of the materials that were being used in the construction of the bed. We also looked at the reputation of the brand. We looked at the quality of the brand and what would be the best value!

Here is what we found:

The Big Barker 7 inch Orthopedic Bed with Headrest

This bed is clearly the top of the line. It comes with a 10 year warranty on the memory foam, it is guaranteed to hold its lift for 10 years or it is replaced for free. It comes with a microfiber cover.

Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

It is available in large, x large and giant size. It is machine washable and is available in 3 color choices. This is an awesome bed that is crafted by a small company that takes a great deal of pride in their craftsmanship. This is one of those “brands” that is focused on advocating for the comfort of your pet so they put a lot of work into crafting great beds that are made especially for rough and tumble big dogs.

If you are looking for the BEST big dog bed, this is it! It even looks great in your home. It is a bit pricey but if you consider that it has a 10 year warranty and how many times you may have to replace your dogs bed over the next 10 years if you go with something less expensive than it makes complete sense to spend the money. Brand is Big Barker.

Overstuffed Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Bed

This bed can easily accommodate dogs that are up to 150 pounds comfortably. It has two layers of covering. An exterior zip off layer and an interior water resistant layer to make for easy cleanup if necessary.

Overstuffed XXLarge Orthopedic Memory Mix Foam Pet Dog Bed


Of course it is washable. This handmade bed is double stitched using industrial strength stitching and thread to ensure durability. Most consumers have ranked this as a 5 star product.

There has been some discussion about the crinkle noise that the bed makes when the dog lies on it because of the water resistant layer underneath.

Frankly the comments are rather few and far in between most all consumers have found that their dogs love this bed. The cost is fairly reasonable as well. It is a high quality bed at a pretty affordable price. Brand is Dogbeds4Less.

Premium Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed with Heavy Duty Waterproof Washable Denim Cover

This bed is shipped with a free extra replacement case. This is a handmade bed that has a 100% cotton cover making it ideal for dogs that suffer with synthetic allergies.

Premium Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed


This bed uses dense foam that you often find on memory foam mattress made for people. The 3.2 lb density is thicker than what is commonly the industry standard. Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic, does not mold or mildew and does not hang on to odors. The extra cover that is supplied is made from heavy duty denim material that zips on and off for washing. Having an extra cover is like getting an extra bed. You kind of get a two for one deal when you purchase this bed because of the extra cover. It really is mattress quality which is also a nice touch for your dog.  It is like giving your dog their own mattress.

Brand is Dogbeds4Less.

Overstuffed XXL Jumbo Memory Foam Bed

This is a super big dog bed. This supports dogs that are up to 170 pounds. The 7-8 inch thick foam bed is made of memory foam and shredded polyfibers. It is hand made in the USA and has two layers of covering for added comfort and protection for the bed.

Overstuffed XXXLarge Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Mix Foam Pet Dog Bed


This bed comes with an additional cover that is made of micro-suede for easy cleaning and comfort. The cover zips on and off easily. This is another 5 star dog bed according to consumers that have purchased the bed. Over 100 consumers have found this to be the perfect dog bed for their big dog! Brand is Dogbeds4Less

As you can see from the reviews above Dogbeds4Less have really taken the lead in this industry. This little (by some standards) company in California is creating great beds that are fairly priced. All of their beds are handmade with strict quality control guidelines.

You will rarely find this brand in your local pet superstore because they cannot produce that amount of volume to keep up with the big box discount mega chains. For this company quality seemingly comes first.

We have one more for you.

Majestic Pet Big Bagel Bed

Majestic Pet offers this nicely sized dog bed. It is crafted from heavy duty materials so it can stand up to constant use. The base of the bed is heavy duty waterproof material while the bolster and cushion is crafted a durable faux suede.

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed


This is a really nice looking bed that would look great in your home but more importantly it offers a great deal of comfort for your dog. It is available in several different sizes to accommodate large dogs.