Barkbox Review

Have you heard about the latest craze for pet owners? The Barkbox! This monthly subscription brings a new box of goodies to your front door for your dog every month. This is a very interesting concept that is borrowed from human subscription boxes like the makeup boxes that are available and the snack boxes that are available.

Here is the catchit is a surprise”! Okay for some people it may seem a little strange to want to surprise your dog every month with a box that is sent through the mail but for other people this is a great way to try new products without really having to commit. Of course it also is a time saver because you do not have to spend time searching for the right treats for your dog.

This company also guarantees all natural products and they send products from small businesses that you might not be able to find on your own. They also provide charitable support to shelters with part of their profit. It is actually a very nice way to do business for your dog’s chews and treats.


You get to support charities, you get all natural treats for your dog and you can become familiar with small little known companies that can actually provide a higher quality of treat or chew.

Of course it is always fun to get something in the mail that is a surprise! Maybe your dog will not get the exact meaning of the thrill but they will when you open up the box and they see what is inside.

What do You Get?

The contents of the Barkbox varies but it is always high quality items that have a value that far exceeds your subscription price. Every Barkbox is full of toys and treats. Here is the contents of a recent Barkbox received by a subscriber with the prices noted next to the items (what they would have paid if they purchased the items separately).

  • Aussie Floatie Shark Toy
  • Plato Natural Duck Strips 6 oz.
  • Honest Kitchen Ice Pups packet
  • Primal Freeze-Dried Turkey Liver Munchies 2 oz.
  • Barkworthies Bully Flakes 4 oz.

 If you normally buy treats and toys for your dog this may work out nicely to your advantage with a great deal of savings.


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Subscription Options

You do have to pay for your subscription up front, in other words there are no monthly payment options which can seem a bit steep but when you consider the money that you will save during that time period it does not seem so bad.

There are coupon codes that you can use to get a discount or some added value items which sweetens the pot. You can cancel your subscription at any time, so if you are not happy with what you are getting delivered you can just cancel and your card will not be charged in the future.

Subscriptions DO automatically renew so if you are not happy, make sure that you cancel or you will wind up with more Barkboxes than you want to be responsible for.

Big Dog, Little Dog or Medium Sized

If you decide to subscribe there are a few easy steps to follow. All you have to do is to indicate the size of your dog to ensure that they get the right treats, chews and goodies for their size, select your subscription and provide your mailing information. Of course you also have to pay!

It is a very simple process. There are some questions that you have to answer about your dog so that the Barkbox has all the goodies that they will really enjoy.

What Consumers Are Saying

For the most part the consumers that have become members of this unique subscription idea are happy with the service. They report feeling satisfied with the products and are happy with the customer service.

This innovative idea really seems to be taking off. We do not know what the dogs have to say about it but there are reports coming back that many of them are looking forward to their next Barkbox.


This innovative company is offering value in each box and that is important. They are also offering the consumer ways to be introduced to smaller more quality conscious companies which in and of itself is worth the subscription.

The retail value of the items in each box far exceeds the cost of the subscription price so there is savings going on as well.


Of course if you are not the “let me buy you this treat” kind of dog owner than this may not be the right thing for you. To get the real value out of the subscriptions you have to already be spending money on toys, chews and treats.

This is a great program for any dog lover that normally spends in excess of the cost of the subscription price.

It is also a great program for anyone that wants to try new treats and chews for their fur baby. It is far easier to order a subscription than it would be to try to find all these treats on your own. The fact is that this is an affordable option that can be cancelled at any time so if you are not happy with it the first month you just cancel your subscription.

Most people have stayed with their current subscription and chose to renew so that is a great sign that this is a great company to do business with if you go by what other consumers are expressing.