About me

Hi my name is Jane!

I am not only a dedicated dog owner, I have worked with 1000’s of dogs, training both doggie parents and their fur babies. I began Dogs Rant in response to all the questions I would get from my clients about the best training tools and dog care items available.

I thought if my clients had similar questions about which products were best that other people would have the same questions!  In between finding the best products for pups, my dog training business and my family, I stay busy all the time so I keep an eye out for tools that can help to make my dogs life more comfortable and share what I find right here!

The products and information you find on Dogs Rant have come to my attention either from word of mouth from my clients or because I have used them myself!  This is a great place to get some tips and tricks and to learn about the products that will make your dog healthier and happier!

I hope the information that I share here can help you to find the products that make the world a happier place for your pups!