10 Most Waterproof and Non-Slip Dog Food Mats

If you have a dog that just seems to enjoy the fun of dragging food and water around, your dog food mat can be the culprit. Most dogs, especially young ones, will have a great time of having some fun with their food. Of course, even if your pup is not the type to play with their food, you still need a mat that is going to stay put, or they will wind up sliding their food bowl around while they eat and make a mess.

Taking a little time to do some research can help you to choose the mat that is going to serve both you and your fur baby well.

Protecting Your Floors

One of the key reasons having a durable mat is a must is to protect your floors not only from the mess but from expensive damage. Water that spills from the dog food bowl can cause damage to your floors that can be expensive to repair. Many times, spills are not detected right away and the water ends up sitting under the bowl and can cause warping, damage to the glue and fading of the color of the floor.

Even tile floors can be damage with standing water. Other instances of damage happen from the food bowl and the water bowl sliding on the bare floor causing scratches to the surface.  A mat will provide protection to your floor so that feeding time can be worry-free.  You will not have to worry about scraping, scratching or water damage to your floors with the right mat.

Your Options

Some mats are a bad choice right out the gate because they are not waterproof and the bottom of the mat starts to deteriorate rather quickly. This can add to the mess. Other mats are waterproof but are not textured enough to keep them from sliding around.

A non-slip mat that is waterproof can do the trick and keep the stress and cleanup down. You know your dog better than anyone else! Is you’re dog a dainty eater that just needs a mat for the morsels that they drop, or are they full-on food flingers that need a mat with a lip to contain the mess? There is a wide range of dog food mats out there that go from the decorative and cute to the heavy duty heavy weights!


Choosing the Right Mat

The clear benefits to using the right mat is that you will not have to constantly be cleaning up after your dog.  These reviews of the 10 most waterproof and non-slip dog food mats will help you to narrow down your options and choose the best mat for your pup. Using the chart below to decide which mat is going to best meet your needs is one of the easier ways to purchase a dog food mat!

Name of MatRecommended ForReview Points
Sit-N-Stay Small Magnetic Non-Slip Pet Tray & Food Bowl Set (Good Dog)


Great for small to medium sized dogs.Magnetic bowls connect to a metal tray. Tray has rubber feet to prevent slipping. Set comes with two bowls and mat. Fun decorative doggy theme. The 4-inch-wide bowls come with easy snap on lids for storing leftover food. This set is dishwasher safe.
New Premium Pet Food Mat 18.5″x11.5″ in FDA Grade Silicone by Tip-Top Petware

New Premium Pet Food Mat

All sized dogs.This mat is crafted of 100% food grade silicone so if you have a chewer at least you can rest easy knowing that the mat is completely safe. This non-slip mat has a raised lip edge which keeps the mess on the mat. It offers the floor protection that you need and the safety that you want for your dog. The only drawback is that it is relatively thin so if you have a very robust dog they may be able to drag the mat around with the food bowls.
Loving Pets Bella Spill-Proof Pet Mat Small

Loving Pets Bella Spill-Proof

Great for small to medium dogs.This is a hard “bone shaped” mat that has a deep lipped edge that keeps spilled nicely contained. It has skid proof feet to keep the mat/tray steady. It is constructed of BPA free materials so it is 100% safe for your dog. It is an inexpensive durable option. It is a great balance between “cute” and durable. This bone shaped mat is a great option for anyone with a small to medium sized dog that wants a tough mat but also wants a little bit of style as well.
PetFusion Pet Food Mat in Premium FDA Grade Silicone. [Anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, & water/stain resistant]

PetFusion Pet Food Mat

Great for Large Dogs.The PetFusion Pet Food Mat, checks off the list nicely of the things you want in a dog food mat. It is large so it covers a nice area, it is 100% safe because it is crafted from FDA grade silicone (the kind that is used in food prep for humans) it has been treated to have antimicrobial properties so it never develops an odor and it is slip proof. This would be an ideal option for anyone that has a larger messier dog. The bowls are held securely on the mat and the mat does not move around.
Petrageous Designs Bone ‘n Up Non-Slip Tray

Petrageous Designs Bone

Great for all size dogs.This is a tough tray/mat option. It has raised lip sides to keep the food and water where it belongs, makes for easy cleanup of mishaps and even has a little style to it with the bone motif border. It is a great way to organize the dog food area, protect your floors and keep the mess down to a minimum. It is an affordable option that is completely waterproof. It has a skid resistant bottom that keeps the tray from sliding around.
Dog Food Bowl Mat, Thick & Durable FDA Silicone [HicoBos]

Dog Food Bowl Mat

Great for any size dog.This mat does not have an outer raised lip but it is a sturdy option. It is made from high quality silicone, it is large and it will get the job done. This is a good choice if you are looking for a stable option that is also sleek. It will protect your floors and it will keep the bowls from sliding around, it won’t keep splashing off the mat down though. This would be great if you have dainty eater that is not interested in flinging food from the bowl.
PetCee Premium Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat Dog Food Mat

PetCee Premium

Great for small dogs.This mat is marketed as a cat litter/dog food mat because it can do double duty and would be ideal in either situation. The mat is textured to catch small particles of food (and large ones) when the fall out of the bowl. It is a rubber mat that will not slide around and will contain and wet spills as well. It is ideal for small dogs that may have trouble getting to their food if there is a mat with a lip. The design of the mat is comfortable for small dogs to stand on while they eat and keeps them from tracking food everywhere.
mDesign Silicone Pet Food & Water Bowl Feeding Mat for Dogs – 16″ x 12.5″, Large, Gray

Great for Large MESSY dogs!The design of this silicone mat makes it a stand out option for large messy dogs. It has grooves throughout the mat that will catch food and water spills and keep them off the floor. It has a raised lip around the edge of the mat to further add to the spill containment. It is made from food grade silicone which is 100% safe and chemical free. This is a super tough mat that will not move around while your pup is eating. It is affordably priced making it a good choice for anyone.  It is also available in small and medium sized versions as well.
California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Mat & Tray for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection, 30″ x 15″ x 1.2″

California Home Goods

Good for all dogs.This is a durable hard plastic mat that will work for any sized dog. It has a textured center to keep bowls firmly in place and a ½ inch raised lip around the tray to keep everything contained. This is a very utilitarian looking mat/tray but it gets the job done nicely and is super durable.
Loving Pets Bella Fashion Mat for Dogs

Loving Pets Bella Fashion Mat

Good for all dogs and the design conscious owner.These fashion mats from Loving Pets are simply adorable. They are durable, skid free and easy to clean up.  You can choose from 6 different designs that add a little fun to feeding time. They have a skid free rubber backing which keeps them in place and are machine washable so when they need to be cleaned up you just pop them in the washing machine. They may not be the best option for the overtly messy pooch but they are super adorable and are great for the minimally messy. They are priced right so you can buy a couple to change out your pups dining décor without breaking the bank!


Personal Preference

While all the mats listed here are good options, the perfect option for you and your pet can best be determined by your personal preference. We listed options that will satisfy a wide range of tastes and needs.

All the mats above will help to protect your floors, minimize the mess and make feeding time a stress-free time. Ensuring that you and your dog are enjoying your time together takes the right tools. Minimizing the mess during feeding time will help you to keep your stress down and help you to enjoy your fur baby more. The right mat is an affordable option that makes life easier!

No more mess, no more stress, no more damage, just a happy home that is cohabitated by you and your pooch. It is such an easy solution! Choose the mat that meets your needs and enjoy meal time more!