Top 10 Best Stylish Leather Collars For Your Dog

When people choose to own dogs, one of the first things, they purchase in addition to food and water containers are a shackle and a neckband.

There are rules regarding keeping your dog on a chain outdoors. Whether this case applies to your locality or not, you should have your dog restrained. Even well-mannered dogs can be absent minded and head into danger.

Collar Basics

Choosing the right fit for a neck band requires measuring the size of your dog’s neck. You can do this using a tape measure and ensure that it is not too tight.

If you can slip two fingers under the measured size, the neck band should be right, and you can purchase your measured size. The sizes of most neck bands can be regulated so no need to lose sleep over your dog’s size after a shave.

The neckband’s breadth depends on how sturdy your dog is. Usually, neck bands come with information about the breadth that will match a dog’s size.

Most dog neck bands come in ¾ inch, 1 inch and 1 ½ inch width variants. If this is still not enough, you can find a bigger neckband. The size of the dog should match the width so that it is comfortable and enables you to be in control of your dog.


Some dogs have bigger necks than their heads. A martingale neckband is the right choice for these kinds of breeds. The neck band is designed to grip more tightly every time the dog makes a movement so that the neck band doesn’t fall off. (Whippets and greyhounds could use this neckband)


Some dogs make more movements than others do. Harnesses have a better grip and are much more comfortable than neckbands.

Harnesses are also great for injured dogs or those with respiratory ailments. In addition, harnesses help dogs learn how to move better. There are more ways to train your dog how to move more on a shackle.

Training Collars and Leashes

These are meant for dogs of all ages that missed out on learning the proper way to move on a shackle. While some of these methods work best with a dog professional, others don’t have that kind of requirement. You can use the method on your dog yourself.

Head Collar

It is designed like a horse harness and works like it too, significantly easing the force exerted on a dog. The Gentle Leader is a good example and significantly reduces the amount of pull from a dog.

You will find a DVD on the neck band which teaches you how to put the neckband on your dog and how to make your dog like it.

It is common for some dogs to detest the part of the neckbandthat touches their snout and stay a while before they get used to it.

If the harness is the right fit, there should be no problem when the dog moves its jaws. The dog’s muzzle should work normally.

Anti-Pull Harness

Harnesses such as the Easy Walk Harness are designed to discourage dog pulling. The tierunning across their thorax sways the dog every time they lunge.

It a perfect fit for breeds like pugs and bulldogs which have short muzzlesThe shape of their heads wouldn’t fit anyneckband properly. The benefits of leather collars and the top 10 reviews will be discussed here.

Rope Slip Lead. Every time a dog pulls, this neckband sways them aside. This is a good and safe method to discourage your dog from lunging.


Chain Slip Collars

Some dogs may need more than just a neckband that sways them sideways every time they try to lunge. A chain collar is a good choice, but you would need to learn how to use it on your dog before you fit it on it.

Pronged Collars

When a dog is rebellious, you may need use a pronged collar. It doesn’t look comfortable or considerate of you. The use of prong chains requires training or the counsel of a dog professional.

Though it may not look like it, the prongs pre-empt the occurrence of injury to the dog by distributing the pressure evenly on the dog’s neck. You will need to be sure that the collar fits right to avoid mishaps.

Everyday Leashes

These are more dependent on preference. The breadth of the shackle should be in line with the breadth of the dog’s neck band. How much control you have over your dog depends on how long the shackle is. The usual length of shackles is 4-6 feet and has a rounded handgripfor control.


There are more materials other than leather and nylon used to make chains.

Cotton Web: It is cheap and carries a weight that can handle most breeds. The grip is comfortable on the hands. It may not be long lasting especially if your dog likes to chews on leashes.

Nylon Web: It is cheap and lasts longer than a cotton web. However, the grip is a little uncomfortable and its life expectancy is threatened by chewing.

Chain: It may cost more than the aforementioned types, but it is not easily chewable. The leather and nylon material on its handle makes the grip comfortable. You may not like its weight more than you would the aforementioned types.

Leather: Its expensive nature is due to its high quality. It is not intimidated by chewers and can handle the biggest and sturdiest breeds. Its life expectancy is longer than most types of shackles.

Climbing Rope: This material weighs less than leather but is strong hence able to handle the biggest and sturdiest breeds. The handle feels comfortable enough.

Bungee: This material uses the weight of your dog to make your dog flip back every time it pulls forwards.

LED: This neckband is best suited for dog owners who walk their dogs when it is dark. These LED lights are located all around the collar and makes it easy for other people using the road to see your dog, thereby minimizing danger.

A short shackle if your dog likes pulling forwards or taking leaps. This gives you more control over your dog. Leashes with two handles could ease the pressure of handling these types of dogs.

The Benefits of Leather Leashes

Leather neck bands are long lasting, which gives the neck band an advantage over other types of neck bands. While other neck band wear away with time, leather neckbands save you the pain of expecting the neckband to snap any time.

They come in whichever color variant you like. This presents you with an unlimited range of different color choices, for example: blue, black, pink brown and many more.

You could also settle for a mixture of your preferred colors. Other types of neckbands may come in several colors but the leather neck band lets you choose any color you like.

Leather Neckbands are trendy and stylish. A dog in a leather neck bands will always look trendy. In addition, they last for long and have an infinite range of colors. A leather neck band is a perfect choice.

Top 10 Leather Collars

Ferplast Hypo-Allergenic Dog Collar

It is specially made for dogs that are allergic to neckbands. It is made out of rubber and expands according to the size of the canine’s neck. It includes a fool-prooflatch, eliminating the use of tacks and clasps.


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  • Protects the sensitive skin of allergic dogs from irritation.
  • It is comfortable for the dog.
  • It is water-proof.
  • It can fit all sizes.
  • It is strong.
  • It has a fool-proof fastening.


No cons

Neon Spot Dog Collar

It is made of a neon-pink leather print and comes in three size variants: small medium and large.

It comes with a matching lead for dog owners who like matching the neck band to the shackle.


  • It is made out the long-lasting leather material.
  • It comes in three size variants.
  • You can match the neck band to the shackle.


  • Not every dog owner will like the neon pink color.
  • It fits only three dog sizes.
  • Leather collars are expensive.

Hiro + Wolf Emerald Green Geometric Sighthound Collar

This neckband was made for dogs with smaller legs like lurchers, whippets, greyhounds. The make is designed for narrower heads and weaker tracheas. They have a green geometric color design and a leather edge which make the dog easily noticeable when they are outdoors.


  • The leather material makes them durable
  • They can significantly cut chances of accidents because of the noticeable green geometric pattern.
  • They help maintain control on dogs that have narrow heads and won’t fit just any collar.


No cons

Rokabone Huxley Leather Dog Collar

The Italian leather design is very detailed and filled with chunks. The color is pillar-box red, with an embossed loop that is interweaved and shaped like a bone. It comes in six color variants and two breadth variants.


  • It is made out durable leather material.
  • It is very attractive.
  • It comes in a variety of color variants.


No cons

Dog & Horses Colors Leather Collar

This neck band is made out of the chocolate-brown saddlery leather material with an inside made of light blue leather. It comes with eight size variants and countless color variants and mixtures.


  • It is long lasting.
  • Comfortable lining for the dog.
  • Comes in 8 size variants.
  • Has many color variants.


No cons

Frida Firenze Screw Stud Dog Collar

This stylish and deeply detailed neckband is made for smaller breeds accustomed to luxury. It is made by Frida Firenze by hand with a comfortable leather feel. The gold stud and pendant make it very attractive.


  • It is long lasting.
  • Very attractive.


No cons

Bobby Dog Collar

It is made by the quality-assured Poppy & Rufus. The fastening style is made of black clips and a metal loop for the handle which can be chosen from two colors. It comes in four size variants.


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  • It is long lasting.
  • It has a strong handle.
  • It comes in four size variants and two color choices.


No cons

Finely Toothed Feather Collar

This neckband speaks volumes of pampering. The feather design is detailed and combined with strong brass. It is made by hand in the US.


  • It is long lasting
  • It is stylish
  • It is comfortable


No cons

Salt Dog Studios Navy Striped PJ’s Dog Collar

The stripes on the neckband resemble the stripes of pyjamas. It comes from Whistable in Kent where it is made by hand and webbed with a core to strengthen it against rowdy puppies. The washable collar comes in six sizes and has an inside covered in luxe-looking velvet.


  • It is long lasting
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is washable.
  • There are six size variants to choose from.


No cons.

Simba Jones Leather Beaded Dog Collar

These neckbands are hand made in Kenya’s Coast region. The design is intricate but doesn’t prevent the collar from being worn daily.

The neck bands have vertical stripes and come in 8 color variants and sizes that fit dogs as small as Chihuahuas and dogs as big as great dunes.


Dog shackles are meant to help dog owners control their dogs when they are outdoors as much as neckbandsdo. Balancing each of the characteristics of the shackle and the neckband is important. While the neckband should be comfortable for the dog, the shackle should be comfortable for you.

It doesn’t make sense to have a good and stylish collar on your dog but have a poorly made and distasteful shackle. The dog products industry has devised ways to match the style, durability and comfort of dog neckbands to shackles.

You ought to take advantage of this aspect and have control over your dog in a way that is comfortable, stylish and works for both of you and your pet.