Best Dog Car Seat for the Safety of Your dog

Chances are you have never really considered what the best car seat is for your dog but you should. A dog car seat is something that every dog owner should have to keep their dog safe when they are on the road.

It is not for the benefit of your dog it is also for your safety as well. Dogs can become rambunctious in the car and pose a safety threat to the driver and passengers. If they are secure in their dog seat, then both the humans and dogs are safer.

It is never recommended to have a dog that is not secured in the car with you because they almost always want to get close to you while you are driving and can be a dangerous distraction even if they are not jumping around the car.

Keeping everyone safe has to be a priority.

dog on bard

These types of seats are becoming more popular as we are becoming more mobile and more likely to take our dogs with us when we are on the road. They are a good idea for anyone that wants to travel safely with their dogs.

Keeping dog hair to a minimum is another issue that dog car seats can help with, of course for larger dogs you can consider the best car seat covers for dog hair to keep their hair down to a minimum.

Other Options

At one time the only option to bring your dog along safely was to use a crate or to have a barrier between the back seat and the front seat but today the options are far more plentiful when it comes to traveling with your dog.

There are options that allow you to harness your dog to a child’s car seat!  The best car seats for big dogs are really the type that allow you to harness your dog right to the car seat.


Larger dogs really do not have a lot of options when it comes to dog car seats but you can look for the best car seat covers for dogs and combine it with a seat belt option and maybe even a barrier to get the most protection.

There are still barrier options available for larger dogs which are a good option but for medium and small sized dogs a dog car seat is the better option. It keeps everyone nice and safe and it may make the trip more enjoyable for your dog.

Dogs enjoy having their own special spot in the car or truck.  They will look forward to getting in the car when they know that they have a spot that is all their own.

You can also purchase special adaptors for your seatbelts to help secure your dog without a seat but they are not typically appropriate for very small breeds. The seat belt adaptors are good for large dogs to keep them safe but the little guys are at a greater risk of getting tangled up in the adaptors.

In addition, small to medium dogs often are more likely to get car sick because they cannot see out of the window to get their bearings.

Car seats for dogs can actually reduce the incidence of car sickness by raising small to medium dogs up enough to see out the window and get their bearing.


Car sickness is caused when the dog is exposed to the motion of the car without being able to see the horizon, their equilibrium is thrown off and they are unable to steady themselves.

We took a look around to find the best dog car seat to see what was out there and found a few models that have a lot to offer and that we think will provide you with the safety features that you will love.  We hope these best dog car seat reviews help you keep your dog safe.

Check Out These Options

We looked at several criteria for determining which options were best:

  • Safety features
  • Construction
  • Comfort
  • Size options
  • Pricing

To be best a dog car seat would have to have really great safety features that would help to protect the dog and the driver. It would have to be well made and stand up to some wear and tear.

cocker spaniel in car

Of course you want your four legged copilot to be comfortable so comfort features were important.  The more flexible the size options were the better. It has to be an affordable option (and we found most were) so that everyone can afford it.

It was a challenge but we were able to find a few models that fit the bill.  Here are the best dog car seats based on the above criteria.

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

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We loved this car seat for a few different reasons. It is well made and comes complete with everything you need to ensure that your dog is safe. It is lined with soft simulated lamb wool and has thick foam padding which adds to the comfort.

It is a generous size and can hold a dog up to 25 pounds. There are two sizes available to choose from and several different collars. The set comes with a harness for the dog and the safety strap to buckle them up with. It is an excellent option. This is one of the best car seats for small dogs.

Snoozer Lookout II Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout II Pet Car Seat

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This is the newer version of the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat and we love this one as well. This model is suited to dogs up to 35 pounds which is nice if you have a medium sized dog that is a little larger.

It offers all of the same great options that its predecessor does plus it has been redesigned to include a stash away tray underneath so you can keep all of your doggy gear with you at easy reach.  This model offers one of the best dog seat belts for cars according to reviews.

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat for Cars with Seat Belt Tether

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The Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat is made for smaller dogs. It attaches to the seat and gives the little guys the ability to safely see what is happening outside the vehicle.  It includes a safety belt but not a harness.

It can accommodate dogs up to 30 pounds.  It is made from lightweight durable nylon. It has a reversible pad that is washable and a washable liner for added comfort.  Your dog will love the Skybox and will always be safe on their rides.

Pawhut Deluxe Car Booster Seat

Pawhut Pet Travel Carrier

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The Pawhut Car Booster Seat is ideal for dogs up to 30 pounds. It offers a zippered compartment in the front of the seat for storing dog gear and treats. It has a padded rail for safety that surrounds the seat and an easy to use tether that works with any harness.

The sides of the seat are nylon mesh which is nice for any dog that gets a little nervous when they cannot see out the sides. It elevates small dogs so that they can easily see out the window while keeping them safely strapped in.  This is not quite as plush as the other models we reviewed but it does have a pad on the bottom and will get the job done.

K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Seat

K&H Manufacturing Bucket Booster Pet Seat

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The Bucket Booster Seat can be used in the front or backseat. It comes with two tethers to keep your dog securely seated during drives. This would be a very comfortable seat for any dog.

It has a 3-inch foam cushion, quilted liner and a soft microfiber exterior. It is washable and nicely contoured to fit into your car.  It is offered in two sizes to accommodate both small and medium dogs.

Devoted Doggie Metal Frame Booster

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Pet Booster Seat - High Quality Metal Frame Construction

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Not all small dogs are slim! The Devoted Doggie Metal Frame Booster Seat takes into consideration that some small dogs are a little “larger” than others when it comes to weight so they made sure that this booster was nice and durable.

It folds flat for easy storage and holds its shape thanks to the sturdy metal frame.  It has a faux fleece liner for added comfort and adequate cushioning all around so that your dog feels comfortable no matter how long they are riding along.

ASPCA Booster Car Seat for Dogs

ASPCA Booster Car Seat for Dogs

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The ASPCA Booster Car Seat for Dogs is ideal for most sized dogs up to 25 pounds because it has adjustable straps that can easily be adjusted. It has memory foam cushioning for added comfort.

The seat has a zippered front pocket to stash doggy necessities.  This is not the most luxurious car seat but it does help with car sickness and safety.

Animal Planet Booster Car Seat

Animal Planet Booster Pet Seat

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The Animal Planet Booster Car Seat helps to keep your dog safe and comfortable on car trips. It has a washable Sherpa liner that is both comfortable and calming. It is collapsible so when not in use it can be stored easily. It offers an adjustable strap that can easily attach to any harness.  It is well suited for dogs up to 25 pounds!


Traveling with your dog is fun for both you and your dog when you have the right dog car seat. These best dog car seat options will help ensure that your trip is safe, fun and that your dog enjoys it.

They keep pet hair down to a minimum in the car so you do not have to vacuum up after even short trips and of course they give your dog their own special seat with a great view.


Being a dog parent is a big responsibility and your primary objective should be to keep your dog safe and happy. Purchasing a dog car seat is a simple step in making sure they are safe and happy. Buy one today and feel confident when you hit the road!